Cemetery & Churchyard


Burial Ground & Garden of Remembrance

Moulton Parish Council are responsible for the Cemetery within the parish and it can be found off Bell Lane in the village of Moulton. The grounds are maintained to a high standard by the cemetery keeper and  this is regularly commented upon. There is also a 'wild area' which is left for wildlife during the nesting season and the hay from this area is cut annually.

Parishioners and their families have the option of a burial plot or a plot for the burial of ashes and all enquiries should be directed to the clerk who will be pleased to help in any way to smooth what can be a sensitive issue. There is also a facility for those living outside the parish to be buried in the cemetery.

Families have the option of reserving a plot should they wish to be next to a loved one and again, any enquiry can be dealt with by the clerk.

Should you wish to erect a headstone or monument, permission must be obtained from the clerk either directly or via your chosen stonemason who will be able to give guidance on design and wording.

The Parish Council are also responsible for the maintenance of the closed churchyard in the centre of Moulton. The Council arrange for a contractor to cut the grass fortnightly during the growing season generally between March & October and also work alongside the PCC with other grounds maintenance work that is required throughout the year.

The Council ensure the grass is cut fortnightly during the growing season at Moulton Chapel churchyard and keep the hedges tidy.