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Navenby Town's Farm Trust


The Trustees will shortly be considering the distribution of this year's vouchers. Any newly qualified residents should apply as soon as possible. In order to qualify it is necessary to be permanently resident in Navenby and in receipt of a state Retirement Pension.

Application forms are available from One Stop, Odling Butchers, Welbourne's Bakery and the Parish Office at the Venue.

Those residents who have received vouchers previously do not need to re-apply. If you have changed your address, please advise us.


Advice if you find a lost dog

If you find a lost dog, please see the document below (Found dog advice) provided by Lincolnshire police. Please note that Navenby does not have a dog warden. 


Planning Application - Top Farm - Navenby

PAR 17/1527 - substitution of house types, Plots: 4 - 7; 16; 28 - 29; 31; 39; 106 - 110; 112 - 113; 115 - 116; 119 - 124.

Please see the link below for the plans online.

Full plans are available to view at the LAP/Parish office.

Comments by November 30th