Parish News

The Parish Council are considering extending the Children's Play Area at Bill Bailey's onto the upper tier in the park's far corner.  We surveyed village residents about play equipment in 2016 and the main requests were to:-

1 – To have more play equipment for older children

2 – To have more modern/natural play equipment

3 – To expand existing play sites in the village rather than developing new ones

Following the survey the Parish Council have worked with numerous play equipment companies to look at various designs.  Our preferred layout is this design from Wicksteed (see attached images).

The cost of this scheme would be around £73,000.  The Parish Council have been saving for this project for several years and are considering putting £15,000 towards the cost.

West Lindsey District Council have agreed to contribute £8000.  The remaining £50,000 needs to be raised from grant schemes.   At this stage we are interested in feedback from villagers on this scheme.  We can't meet everyone's exact requests but we feel we have responded to the broad themes from the survey.  Please let us know what you think by adding your comments on the Parish Council facebook page or by contacting the Parish Office.  We are particularly interested in feedback from 7-15 year olds, who are the target audience for this new area.  If you can provide us any direct feedback from children this would be very helpful for us to use in our funding bids.  We don't want children's names but if you could give us their ages and any quotes they have about the design that would be really helpful.