Parish Councils have the right to comment on planning applications as a statutory consultee. The comments are submitted for consideration by the District or County Council (North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council) prior to determination of the planning application.

Nocton Parish Council aims to consider planning applications at their normal monthly meetings. This will not always be possible though. All statutory consultees for planning applications are required to respond within 21 days and this period could elapse before the next Parish Council meeting is held. Where this happens, the Planning Sub-Committee will be convened.

The Planning Sub-Committee meeting will normally commence at 7.00 p.m. There will be a 10 minute ‘public forum’ to give parishioners the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee, or make short statements in relation to planning applications on the Agenda. However, as is usual with normal Council meetings, once the 10 minute ‘public forum’ has expired, members of the public will be most welcome to remain, but may not speak.

Copies of all Minutes of Council and Committee meetings will appear on this website.

The Planning Sub-Committee shall comprise any three members from the Planning Group [which consists of all seven Members of the Parish Council, including any vacancies], one of whom shall be appointed Chair. The quorum of the Sub-Committee shall be three. A substitute member will also be appointed to deputise for any member of the Sub-Committee who may be unable to attend the meeting, or who may be prevented from participating on the ground the s/he has an interest in the application to be considered.

N.B: If the planning application is one that has major implications for the village and the surrounding area, it will be the wish of the Parish Council to hold an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss and debate the plans.”