Village Hall Redevelopment

Update: December 2017 - following concerns raised by the Tree Officer, the plans have been revised and will be re-submitted to NKDC for approval.
This means that the project has been delayed and whilst this is frustrating, due process must be followed.

Update: 28 July 2017 - the builders have informed us that there is to be a delay in commencing the project, with a new start date estimated for Early 2018. Whilst this is frustrating, it is out of the control of the VHR Sub-Committee/Parish Council. Further clarification and updates will follow as and when known. On a positive note, the current VH and social Club will remain available for Groups, Organisations and bookings.

Update: 25.05.2017 - The final design plans have been approved and the planning application has been submitted. It is envisaged that the build will commence in September 2017 with construction taking no more than 26 weeks.