Nocton Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Nocton Village now has an enthusiastic team covering all but one of the Nocton village areas. 
Village coordinator Graham Jones has a team of willing volunteers to run the scheme in the various areas of the village.

The principle is that these individuals are willing to lend a hand and pass on your concerns to those who need to know.  However, you must remember that they cannot be everywhere at all times and they have volunteered for this role.  They are not an extension to law enforcement.  If you see something which you believe is suspicious, you should report your concerns to 101 and provide as much information as possible to assist the local police team.  Of course, if it's urgent, you should still ring 999.

Your local coordinator can be found below;

  1. Nocton Park Rd to junction of Akrotiri Sq, plus Habanya Rise and Rostrop Rd - Ian Gall, 7 Nocton Park Rd, LN4 2BJ. Tel: 01526 328714. Email:
  2. Khormaksar Drive including Fayid Lane and Akrotiri Sq - Jerry Neale, 61 Khormaksar Drive, LN4 2DD. Tel: 07412 935333 or 01522 681613. Email:
  3. Wegberg Rd, plus Steamer Point Rd and Chestnut Close - Richard Mackin, 42 Wegberg Rd, LN4 2DB. Tel: 07982 718234. Email:
  4. Manor Court, plus Main St from Old Post Office to Manor Court - John Ellis, 8 Manor Court, LN4 2BB. Tel: 01526 320490. Email:
  5. The Avenue, plus houses on Nocton Hall approach - Jim Eagle, Shopfield House, The Avenue, LN4 2BN. Tel: 01526 322285. Email:
  6. School Rd and Wrays Yard - Graham Jones, Saffron Barn, School Rd, LN4 2BJ. Tel: 01526 328689. Email:
  7. The Green (all houses), plus Manor House and The Shieling - Mike Williams, Wilderness Cottage, The Green, LN4 2BG. Tel: 01526 322362. Email:
  8. Halls Yard, plus Main Rd from Post Office to junction of Wellhead Lane and houses on corner - Janet Goldsworthy, The Barn, Halls Yard, Main St, LN4 2BH. Tel: 01526 323143. Email:
  9. The Bridleway and Main St both sides, from Post Office (including houses on apex of corner opposite) to Embsay House - Vacant (volunteer required)
  10. Wellhead Lane (all houses) - Micky Hall, 37 Wellhead Lane, LN2 2BW. Tel: 07985 749683. Email:
  11. Wasp's Nest (all houses) - Kevin Clark, Keeper's Cottage, Wasp's Nest, LN4 2AY. Tel: 01526 321723. Email:
  12. Lincoln Road  (all houses) – Keely Coogan – 4 Lincoln Road, LN4 2AE Tel 07795 062804. Email

  13. Vacant -  Parklands Avenue (volunteers still required).

Should you wish to join the scheme or become the coordinator for our vacant position, please contact
Graham Jones on 01526 328689 or Email at

Please also visit and and sign up.