Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

Here you will find the latest Agenda and copies of the most recent agreed Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings. For copies of Minutes and Agenda from previous meetings please contact the Parish Clerk.

Monthly Parish Council Meetings

The monthly Parish Council meetings are public meetings and members of the public are invited and welcome to attend the whole meeting, except for items where their presence is deemed prejudicial to the public interest.  Parishioners have an opportunity to speak to the Council on any matter relating to the parish during the public session which is normally 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, and each speaker is allowed up to 3 minutes.  If you raise or comment on a topic which is on the agenda for that meeting, Parish Councillors will be able to take account of your views when that subject is discussed in the formal section of the meeting although you will not be able to have any further input yourself. 

The meeting may only consider the business on the agenda, so if you raise a matter of public business which is not on the current meeting agenda, your topic will not usually be discussed at that council meeting, but the Council may consider including it at a future meeting.  You can also raise matters of concern at any time with any one of your Parish Councillors.  In this way, Parish Councillors can act as your voice on the council and ensure that your views are made known. 

The Agenda and Minutes for the Parish Council Meetings, together with the schedule of future dates, are posted on the Parish Website, and the Parish Notice board. Meetings of the Council may be recorded.

Other meetings may take place at other times.  Meetings are advertised on the Parish notice boards and on this web site.


Luke Walmsley Pavilion, Keeling St, North Somercotes

Please note meetings of the Council may be recorded.
Please check website, parish noticeboard, or contact the Clerk to confirm venue/start time of meeting (as this is sometimes changed), obtain a copy of agenda or minutes (see reverse of Noticeboard for approved minutes. Normal start time is 7pm.


No meeting in August

Monday 30 September
Monday 28 October
(Remembrance Sunday – 10 November) at War Memorial, then refreshments at Village Hall

NB EXTRAORDINARY MEETING Monday 11 November 2019 - see below

Monday 25 November
Monday 16 December


Monday 27th January
Monday 24th February
Monday 23rd March
Monday 27th April –
Annual Parish Meeting* - 6.30 start – VILLAGE HALL Followed by Parish Council meeting
Monday 18th May Annual Council Meeting and monthly parish council meeting – NB earlier start time of 6.30pm
Monday 22nd June
Monday 27th July
No meeting in August
Monday 28th September
Monday 26th October
(Remembrance Sunday – 8 November) at War Memorial, then refreshments at Village Hall
Monday 23rd November
Monday 21st December
* to be confirmed