Donna Nook Coastal Realignment Project

Now that the Donna Nook Scheme has been approved via the Planning process, this section has been set up with the aim of providing regular information updates on the progress of the project, together with a question & answer section and contact details.


The Parish Council's aim is to work closely with the Environment Agency and those affected and concerned about the implementation of the Scheme to try and ensure - within the powers the Council has available - that the Scheme is introduced and managed as sensitively and smoothly as possible, both during implementation and into the future.  The Scheme has been very controversial and generated strong feelings and opinions amongst both local people and those from further afield regarding the impact on people‚Äôs lives and livelihoods, future land use, and the wildlife in the area.

This section will contain relevant information for parishioners and other interested parties on the current status of the Scheme by posting the information here that is available from the Environment Agency, marked (EA) and the Parish Council, marked (PC) as the project moves forward.  Details of what is discussed and agreed at the monthly Council Meetings can also be found in the Meetings section in the Minutes from those monthly meetings; mainly from November 2011 onwards for the Implementation aspects.

The Parish Council has also agreed to act as a first point of contact with the Environment Agency for people who may have issues or concerns they want to raise and have answered and dealt with.  So if you have a question you wish to raise about any aspect of the Scheme or progress of the Donna Nook Coastal Realignment works please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance by email at  These will be referred to the relevant person at the Environment Agency and a response provided back to the person requesting the information or raising the concern as soon as possible.  A note of these questions and answers will then also be kept running in this section for you to refer to at a later date, so everyone can have access to the information provided.

If your query is one that needs an immediate response or you want to communicate something to the Council or Environment Agency as a matter of priority you can also contact the Clerk on 01507 359282 but if it is a matter which requires the Police to deal with it then please use the 101 number. 

In an Emergency you should dial 999 for Police/Fire/Ambulance as you would normally do in those circumstances.