Village History Group 01472-841786 The Thatch, The Square, North Thoresby DN36 5QL


Tuesday February 6TH

North Thoresby

Village History Group

Village Hall 7.30. All Welcome

Please come along to the inaugural meeting of the new Village History Group which aims to continue the process of  researching, recording and displaying  evidence of life in the past of our ancient village.   

We are not starting from scratch and at the meeting we will have some interesting archive material on display from the extensive collection made over many years by Elizabeth Kershaw.  A great deal of detailed, painstaking,  research work has been done by many people over the years and we do see some of this material on display from time to time. One objective of the group will be to pull the evidence together and make it more accessible and cohesive.

There is also a great deal of material in the hands of individuals and families in the village and lots of villagers have lived here for many years, in some cases, all their lives. This is a great ‘story-telling’ resource we should tap. 

Please come along to the meeting and take part in this journey into our past. If you are interested but can’t make it, contact Ian Wright (details above).

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