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Please refer to the new section showing applications received. Comments can be made by writing to SKDC Planning or submitting comments via their website:




                                        GRASS CUTTING

Lincolnshire County Council are responsible for maintaining all footpaths, pavements or footways,this includes Footpath No.1 in the village.

 Although these are routinely inspected for faults they do rely on the public to report issues. This can be done by contacting Lincolnshire County Council at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/faultreporting.or by phoning 01522 782070.



A telephone call is made by a person stating they are a police officer based in the fraud dept.  They state that suspicious activity has been made on your bank account and they need you to either draw money from your account or transfer it to a safe bank account.

 A genuine police officer or bank official will NEVER ask you to transfer or draw money from your bank account.  Police officers cannot gain access to your bank account without a court order being granted.

 If you are contacted by ANY ONE stating to be an official ask a family member or friend to ring the organisation on a different phone to the one you have received the phone call on.  Do NOT ring any numbers that you are given by the caller.


You can report any such contact to Action Fraud on Tel: 0300 123 2040.