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The Parish of Pinchbeck is located on the western edge of South Holland. 

The village of Pinchbeck is known for its Bulb Museum and the Pinchbeck Engine Museum, located in Pinchbeck Marsh, close to the A16.

The Parish council is a small local authority. Its councillors are elected for four years at a time. May 2015 elections took place and 14 parish councillors were elected unopposed, leaving 1 vacancy for co-option on the West Ward. The next elections are due to take place in May 2019.  Vacancies occurring between elections are filled by by-election (if requested) or co-option. Each year the councillors choose a chairman from amongst their number. There is also a vice-chairman and a clerk, who is the Proper Officer and the Responsible Finance Officer of the council.

The Parish Council comprises 2 Wards, the East Ward with 8 Parish Councillors and there are 7 Parish Councillors on the West Ward.  The overall population of the parish, according to the 2011 Census was 5,455 and the number of homes was recorded as being 2,460.  We shall to wait until the 2021 Census to see how much the parish has grown. 

Some of  the areas in the parish that this Parish Council are responsible for, are as follows:

  • Churchyard, St. Mary’s Church, Pinchbeck
  • Memorial Ground, Off Rose Lane, PinchbeckChurchyard, St. Bartholomew’s Church, West Pinchbeck
  • Rotten Row Playing Field, Pinchbeck
  • Leaves Lake Drove Playing Field, West Pinchbeck
  • Glebe Sports field, Pinchbeck
  • Cemetery, Off Cherry Holt Lane, Pinchbeck
  • Parish Council owned allotment land                                                       

Leaveslake Drove Centre, West Pinchbeck - This building was formerly know as the Sports Club Building on Leaveslake Drove Playing Field.  It has now been renamed to accommodate its new status as home to the Ladybirds Preschool.  With funding from the National Lottery the Parish Council have refurbished this building, some of the works including tarmac to outside areas, new 8' high security fencing, new windows and doors and a host of internal works.  This building is also home to Spalding Junior Football Club and they use the building and the field for training and for football matches.  Many people were involved in bringing this project to fruition with donations from our 3 District Councillors, local contractors and many volunteers from the Ladybirds Preschool  This is now something we can be proud of!

Pinchbeck Community Hub and Library - Pinchbeck Parish Council are now responsible and managing this building and enabling the continuation of the library services which is crucial to the local people.  Since having taken over the number of visitors to the building has increased.  Within the building there are rooms to hire which are being well used.  Activities range from Pilates, Painting Classes, Children's Activities, Singing Groups, History Groups, Local Committee Meetings, Business Meetings and a host of others.