Potterhanworth Primary School

Potterhanworth Primary School

Potterhanworth Primary School

Potterhanworth Primary School is a small school situated in the centre of an attractive village.  We have over 100 children on the roll in five classes.  The school was provided for the children of the village by a former rector, the Rev Anson, in the nineteenth century. The buildings are a mixture of Victorian and modern. Two of the classrooms were opened in November 2002 with modern cloakrooms, toilets and entrance area. A further extension was completed in 2010 to increase the teaching area.

In addition to the education of each pupil, there are a range of personal and social advantages for the child who grows up in a small, friendly community:

- Teachers are much more flexible and responsive to the individual circumstances of the child.

- There is an excellent relationship between school staff, parents and other members of the village including close relationships with St Andrew's Church, the Parish Council and Christ's Hospital Endowment Trust.

- A caring family atmosphere is encouraged, which supports the child as he or she develops.

- Children across the key stages learn to work, respect and co-operate with each other.

Parents considering applying to the school are invited to telephone the head teacher to arrange a visit.

Head Teacher: Mrs D Challinor   tel 01522 791031.