Village Pub

The Pub closed its doors in Aug 2015. What happens next?

The Chequers Public House

The Chequers Public House

The Closure of the Chequers in Aug 2015 has left the village without its pub!

The Parish Council has now nominated the building as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This will now be assessed by the North Kesteven District Council as to whether this building obtains ACV status or not. Their decision is expected by 23 Oct 2015.

Granting of ACV status will put a moratorium on the sale of the Pub for 6 weeks. If the Chequers is granted ACV status then the Village; either the Parish Council or a village group, will have up to 6 weeks to make a bid to purchase the Chequers. Bids are not assessed at this stage as whether they are viable or not.

Any bids for the building within the 6 week period have to be for continuing the building use in the spirit it was granted ACV status. This means an external developer would not be allowed within this period to put in a bid to convert the building in to accommodation for example.

If a bid is made within the 6 week moratorium period then the group making the bid will have 6 months to raise the funds. If funds are not forthcoming within the 6 month period the building can then be sold on the open market.

If no bid is received within the initial 6 week period then the owners are free to accept offers on the open market for the property.

Currently a village group is investigating the options open to us and are looking to provide a public consultation on the future use of the Chequers. This will include:

Is there a desire, from the Village, for the Chequers to remain?

Who would be prepared to fund it and where would funds come from?

As further information becomes available it will be communicated to the Parish.