The Chequers

The Chequers pub, which has been part of the village since the late 1700s has been closed for several years whilst being preserved as an Asset of Community Value.

The Chequers Public House

The Chequers Public House

As the pub is now on the open market,  a Community Benefit Society has been launched (Potterhanworth Community Project) to seek to raise funds in the village, in addition to grant funding in order to purchase the asset.  The PCP have secured initial funds from the Plunketts Foundation and are currently applying for grants and finance to enable the purchase of the pub for the benefit of all villagers (and surrounding villages).

The project is progressing well and a Community share issue is expected to be launched at the annual Village Beer Festival in Jul 19.  The village are keen to see their pub returned to them and a comprehensive strategy is being produced by the PCP Steering Group, which seeks to make The Chequers a true Community Hub, which will see a pub, other services to enhance village life and tackle social isolation. The PCP hope to have acquired the asset before the end of 2019.

Follow the group’s progress on Facebook, Twitter @potterpub1 or by contacting the Steering Group at