Reporting of Faults

Contacts for reporting of faults within the Parish

Faults with the infrastructure within the Parish can be reported as follows:
To report any of the following faults, please follow the link below.  Alternatively,  telephone: 01522 782070 (08.00 - 18.00, Monday to Friday)

Footpaths and pavements

Grass verges and cutting

Grit bins and snow clearing
Road surfacing and dressing
Drains and flooding
Adopted roads and structures
Highways works programmes

Report a highways fault
Street lighting
The council provides around 68,000 street lights which primarily light the public highway.
Latest news, road closures and developments on roadworks in Lincolnshire.

Gritting routes
The council grits 1,869 miles of priority roads when road temperatures drop to around 1°C.
The county council provides and refills almost 1,900 grit bins across Lincolnshire.
The county’s highways are routinely inspected for faults, including potholes.
The county council maintains 5,500 miles of county roads with extensive repair programmes.
The county council carries out regular checks to reduce the risk of flooding on the highway.
Roads may be adopted by the Council once they meet the standards agreed with developers.
Routine inspections and highways works programmes are carried out by the council.