Bardney Bridge Closure Updates

05.04.19 UPDATE on Bardney Bridge

Road Closure dates and times; Hopefully most people are now aware of the pending closure and will have seen the variable message signs over the last couple of weeks. The dates of the closure are still as planned. The road will be closed on Monday 15th April (planned time 07.30) and will reopen again on Thursday 18th April (planned time 17.00) for the Easter bank holidays. The road will close again for the rest of the works on Tuesday 23rd April (planned time 07.30) until Friday 5th July. Please plan your journey times to allow additional time if travelling within the closure times.

During the Easter holidays, the 'trigger' signs which intercept travellers as they approach Bardney, will be laid down, but the signs along the diversion route (diverted traffic arrows etc.) will remain standing (because without the triggers they won't be actually directing anyone, and it saves time and money putting them all back up again after the break).

Traffic Management and car parking; On the Bardney side, the road will be barriered off close to the entrance to the sugar/Ryvita site. On the Potterhanworth side the road will be fully closed after the first bend (as approaching from Potter), but it will signed as 'closed ahead' as far back as the old Plough pub junction.

There will be staggered concrete barriers at the Wasps Nest junction to force traffic to slow down, and a signed 5mph speed restriction between those barriers and the bridge. Please do not park at the Wasps Nest junction because that will be the last position that an HGV which has ignored signs at the Plough can turn around and space will be needed for that (there will be 'no parking' cones in place). Irresponsibly parked cars could get damaged by a reversing lorry. Unfortunately since the introduction of satnav a lot of drivers don't seem to read road closure signs, and some will drive right up to the junction before realising they need to turn round.

If you wish to park on the Potter side of the bridge; There will be 'no parking' cones on the right hand side as you drive towards the bridge and parking available on the left hand side. Please proceed to the bend before the bridge, where there is space to turn your car around, then park facing Potter. There will be a traffic management man on site for the first two weeks to assist people until everyone gets used to the layout. There will be 'no parking' cones at the accesses to private residences along this stretch of road, please respect this and do not obstruct access to people's property.

There may be some additional parking made available by private land owners on the Potter side of the bridge, but I do not have firm confirmation of that at this time.

Owner's Risk; As I have mentioned in earlier messages, all cars parked on the Causeway and other highway, are parked at the owner's risk. The County Council recommends that drivers follow signed diversion routes or other public highway routes around the closure. The traffic management is being provided because we understand there are people who would prefer to park on the Potter side than use alternate routes, and if that is the case we would like to assist in making sure they do so in a safe manner.

Safety; I'm sure for most folk it goes without saying, but please drive slowly, carefully and courteously within the 5mph limited section of road. There may be pedestrians making their way to/from parked cars, there may be cyclists coming towards you, there may be other moving vehicles, and there will be site traffic which needs to access the works. Any vehicles which obstruct access to the site by parking where there are 'no parking' cones within the traffic management zone may be towed away.

What's planned in the first week? Some contractors will be on site on the Saturday (no traffic restrictions) to start preparatory works and site set up. They'll be putting signs up around the diversion route, putting up temporary fencing for security and safety around the works, and installing barriers and signs on the river to warn boats of the obstruction at the bridge. Form Monday to Thursday the scaffolders will start to erect temporary scaffold works, and temporary electrical feeds will be set up for plant, and for lighting the pedestrian/cycle thoroughfare at night. There is a lot of scaffolding to set up before the works proper can start so there won't be too much to see. Our contractors have committed to using 'super silent' generators for things which the temporary electrical feed will not be powerful enough for.

Night work and weekend work; There is only one planned week where night working is looking practical, because of the nature of operations that can be done within reasonable noise limits. That will be in early May. Scaffolders and/or blasters and painters are planned to work all weekends except for the Easter bank holiday weekend. No works are planned on the May day and Spring Bank holiday Mondays.


Richard Waters

Principal Engineer (Structures)

26/2/19 We have been advised by the LCC Passenger Transport Unit that both the public and the school bus timetables, applicable during the temporary closure of Bardney Bridge, will be available at the end of this week.