Ropsley, Braceby, Great & Little Humby & Sapperton

The "Ropsley & District Parish Council" covers the electorial area of the village of Ropsley & the hamlets of Braceby, Great Humby, Little Humby & Sapperton.

The Ropsley & Humby Ward elects seven councillors & the Braceby & Sapperton Ward one.


The Parish Council operates using POWERS and DUTIES. Duties are mandatory functions and procedures a the Council MUST carry out by law. Powers MAY be used by the Council to deliver services and carry out activities. The Council is made up of 8 Councillors who represent the ward. The full Council meets every even month. Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings of the Parish Council and provision is made at all meetings for public participation.

Please note that due to current social distancing measures, the Parish Council will not hold an Annual Parish Meeting this year. This is in line with regulations introduced by the Government in response to Covid-19*.  The next Annual Parish Meeting is planned to take place in May 2021.

The next meeting of the Parish Council which was originally planned for Monday 11 May 2020 will now take place on Monday 15 June 2020. The meeting will be in person at the Village Hall if restrictions in force at that date allow, and will otherwise be held via Zoom as permitted by the regulations surrounding remote meetings.  If a Zoom meeting is held, instructions allowing members of the public to join the meeting will be posted along with the agenda.

If you have any queries, please contact the Parish Clerk, Nikki Gascoigne by email at

Please see our Coronavirus/COVID-19 page for the latest news and updates.