Winter Salting Policy

Ruskington Parish Council

Winter Salting/Gritting Arrangements

During periods of severe or persistent frost, ice, or snow, Ruskington Parish Council will treat the following locations ‘where the public have access’:

Areas Where Parish Council Directly Responsible

·         Winchelsea Car Park - access to the Parish Office only

·         Cemetery - slabs at the Lych Gate and at the shed area

·         Parkfield Road Playing Field Car Park route

·         Slabs at Pavilion gate – entrance to the Playing Field

·         Slabs around Pavilion and Changing Rooms

·         Horseshoe Hollow footbridge

·         All 3 footpath accesses to the All Saints’ Church, including the ramps at the 3 gates

·         Church Street Public Toilets footpaths

·         Slabs at the Westbeck Play Area

·         Any other Ruskington Parish Council site

·         Ruskington Parish Council will keep the Ruskington Parish Council ‘Village Hall’ salt bin topped up

·         The Clerk will liaise with the village hall and the Winchelsea Centre over their need to spread salt when necessary

The public highway where Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have direct responsibility

All areas of slippery road or footway etc. reported to the Parish Office, will be reported immediately to the appropriate authority (usually LCC) and recorded.

The Parish Office will report the need to fill LCC salt bins to the County Council.  Bins at;

·         Parkfield Road – opposite Pinfold Way

·         East & west ends of the Fen Road Bridge

·         Church Street/Manor Street bend,

·         x 2 at staggered junction at end of Westcliffe Road

·         Leasingham Lane/B1188 junction

·         East and west sides of Station Road Bridge

·         Elmtree Road opposite Larch Close

·         Brookside Close - near sewage station

·         Station Road, near Chestnut Street School entrance


The Parish Council will also assist with the spreading of salt from LCC grit bins, onto the public highway, if resources permit.  However the ‘prime responsibility’ remains that of LCC and any sites salted, following a complaint from the public, will still be reported to LCC.

This Policy Statement is displayed annually on the Parish Notice Board and website.

Purpose made salt spreaders are utilised and a full daily log of ALL salting activities is maintained.

Kathryn Locke, Clerk to Ruskington Parish Council
The Parish Office, 11 High Street North, Ruskington, SLEAFORD, Lincolnshire, NG34 9DY
Tel:      01526 834483