NKDC Sandbag Policy

North Kesteven District Council Sand Bag Policy

The Council will supply to its local domestic residents, for use in specific emergency situations both filled sand bags and empty sand bags for self help purposes.  Requests for sand bags can be made either, during normal hours by telephoning the Council’s Environmental Services Department on 01529 414155 or outside office hours by contacting the Council’s Emergency Hotline on 01529 308308 (Sleaford area) or 01522 699650 (if calling from a Lincoln number).

An emergency situation is defined as one where there is a flood warning or a local flood emergency, where there is a serious risk to property.  The Council does operate a self-help facility to Parish Councils in areas that are potentially at risk of flooding.

Businesses are encouraged to make their own arrangements by obtaining sand and sand bags from local builders merchants or specialist suppliers.


Supporting information for North Kesteven District Council’s Sand Bag Policy

The Council will support the co-ordinated efforts of the Lincolnshire Emergency Planning Team.

Priority for distribution of sand bags will be in accordance with the severity of flood warnings.

Sand bags will be issued at the discretion of the distribution team to properties, which are at serious risk of flooding.

This sand bag policy is to prevent water from entering domestic residences only.  Sand bags will not be issued for garages, sheds and gardens.

During a specific emergency flooding situation the public are advised to refer to the Council’s website www.n-kesteven.gov.uk  for information on:

  • Environment Agency
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Up to the minute weather forecasts
  • Health Advice
  • School Closures
  • Sand bag “self-help” sites
  • List of Suppliers for Businesses

Residents are advised to keep a battery or windup radio available in case of power loss, and to tune into the local radio station:

  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire 94.9 FM and 1368 AM
  • Lincs FM 102.2 FM