Grants and Donations Policy

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Grants Policy

Ruskington Parish Council can provide financial assistance to local groups and organisations whose activities provide direct benefit to the community served by the Council.

The policy aims to simplify and quality assure Ruskington Parish Council’s procedures for ‘donation’ and ‘grant’ making.  No differentiation is made between ‘Grant’ and ‘Donation’ but acknowledge that the latter is the usual form of award.  For reasons of accountability it is necessary to formalise the application process to ensure access, openness and fairness to the many groups and organisations which we are asked to support.  The policy is informed by a number of key principles aimed at making our process more robust and user friendly.


To ensure that all our award making activity is;

·         Open

·         Transparent

·         Fair

·         Competitive

·         Supports local organisations

Only one grant will be awarded to an organisation during any one year, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Making an application

All applications must be submitted on the Parish Council’s application form.  Details about the group or organisation must be provided as requested.

Grant awards are discussed once a year, at the November meeting.  The Parish Council meet the last Tuesday of each month so please allow at least one week before that day to ensure your application reaches the Parish Council in time.