Vehicular speeds through the Village - Archer Analysis

All the technical data recording equipment at each site remained out covering a full 24 Hour period for 7 full days.  The summaries of the results above and have laid out the installation dates and collision data for each site below.  The collision data covers personal injury incidents over a 3 year period up to a data date of 30th June 2018.

Sleaford Road
Installed Near Winchelsea Road on 11/07/18.
No injury collisions recorded.

Rectory Road
The survey was installed outside house number 55 on 13/07/18.
There were 3 recorded collisions resulting in minor injuries, of which none were speed related.

Lincoln Road
Installed outside house number 85 on 17/07/18.
2 minor injury collisions neither being recorded as speed related.

Manor Street
Installed West Manor Street on 17/07/18.
One minor injury collision which was recorded as having a speed related cause.

Westcliffe Road
Installed outside number 97 on 17/07/18.
No injury collisions recorded.
Members of the public made the installation team aware that there were concerns regarding LGVs using this road, although there are no weight restrictions on it.  The equipment used is able to provide vehicle sizes.  The largest length group is over 11.5M in length which would generally be an articulated vehicle size.  The survey indicated that there is a daily weekday average of 17 such vehicles using this road.

High Street North
Installed near Parkfield Road on 19/07/18.
No injury collisions recorded.

Fen Road
Installed near Hillside Estate on 21/07/18.
One none speed related minor injury collision recorded.

Speed Awareness Workshop (SAW) ie those drivers driving between 35-42mph who would be eligible (if caught) for the Speed Awareness Course.

Highways engineers within the Road Safety Partnership have assessed the area and inform me that no engineering casualty reduction measures were identified.

The Government is committed to ensuring that the process for deploying speed cameras is transparent and that cameras are only used at locations where they can make a demonstrable reduction in speed related casualties.  The only form of speed enforcement that the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership can carry out is with the use of speed cameras; however, the site selection process has to comply with the criteria set out by the Department for Transport.  This criterion includes locations where there is a history of speed related injury collisions supported by evidence of a high degree of non-compliance with the speed limit.  In that respect Lincolnshire Police through the Road Safety Partnership adheres to the site selection criteria set out by the Department for Transport to ensure that the process is completely transparent and that cameras are only used as a casualty reduction measure.  The results of the survey together with an analysis of the collision data show that the criteria required for either fixed or mobile speed camera enforcement is not met.

Having identified that speed camera vans cannot be deployed within these areas of Ruskington there is still clear evidence that motorists exceed the posted 30 MPH speed limit.  In light of this a bid will be placed for the Lincolnshire Police Safer Road Team to carry out other enforcement activity at selected sites within Ruskington with the aim of influencing driver behaviour within the area.