Picture of the Fosdyke Canal

Fossdyke Canal

Saxilby with Ingleby Parish Council welcomes you to their website.

Saxilby with Ingleby has an electoral roll of 3,300. It is a busy village with many excellent services.

Saxilby is a parish and village about 6.5 miles northwest of Lincoln and 142 miles north of London. To the west is Kettlethorpe parish, to the north is Sturton by Stow and to the southeast lies Skellingthorpe; Nottinghamshire lies to the southwest. Saxilby parish covers about 4,420 acres. Included in the parish are the two small hamlets of High and Low Ingleby about one mile north of the main village. The parish is often referred to as "Saxilby with Ingleby".

The village of Saxilby lies on the north bank of the Fossdyke Navigation Canal between Lincoln and Torskey on the Trent River. The River Till flows southward into the Fossdyke just east of the town.