Changes to process for Planning Notifications

From 1st August 2015, East Lindsey District Council will cease to notify neighbours of planning committee arrangements and the final decision.

ELDC have previously notified neighbours of planning applications adjoining their property and in some cases, particularly large applications, neighbours much further afield.  As the application progressed they then notified neighbours of the planning committee arrangements and where necessary, the final decision.  This could generate 1000's of letters a year, at a significant cost.

From 1st Aug 2015, ELDC have ceased notifying neighbours of the planning committee arrangements and final decision.  This means that interested parties will now need to track applications on-line or by contacting the planning team at ELDC. 

As a result, a new neighbour notification letter has been introduced from 1st Aug, which includes reference to the Councils website and who to contact in the planning team to track applications that neighbours have been notified about.