The Parish Council

Photograph of scotter riverside and bridge

Photo by Jeff Allen

Scotter riverside and bridge

The Parish Council represents and serves the whole community and is responsible for the services it provides.  Following consultation with parishioners (e.g. via the Parish Plan, Annual Parish Meeting etc.), it establishes policies for action and decides how money will be raised and spent on behalf of the community.  It is responsible for spending the money raised lawfully and without risk and for achieving the best value for money.

The Parish Council currently provides and maintains the following :

  • The War Memorial (The Green, Scotter).
  • Scotter Cemetery (Scotton Road, Scotter).
  • Allotments at the cemetery and on Scotterthorpe Road.
  • Areas of public open space at Riverside, Elizabeth Close, The Granary, Granary Fold, The Rookery and Parson's Field.
  • Equipped play areas at Scotter Village Hall, at Elizabeth Close and at The Granary.
  • Public seating within the Parish.
  • Christmas decorations.

It also maintains the grassed areas of the roadside verges and footpaths within the Parish on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

The Parish Council is made up of 10 elected Councillors (see attachment for Councillors' details), one of whom is chosen as Chairman during the Council's Annual Meeting.  For 2018/19, this is Councillor Roberts Day.   It is served by the Clerk (Nicola Altoft), who implements its decisions and provides administrative and management support for its activities, and by contractors, who maintains the cemetery, public open spaces and other grassed areas of the parish and carries out litter picking duties.   Each Council member registers any interests they may have on their election.   Copies of those registers may be found via the following link :

It also has two working parties (advisory groups) which make recommendations on particular issues.  The Cemetery & Allotments Working Group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Council-owned external spaces.  The Asset Management Working Group keeps a close eye on the Council's finances and recommends risk management strategies to protect the Council's assets and the public's money.

Details of the members of the committee and working parties and those Councillors who act as representatives to external bodies can be accessed from the relevant link below, as can the policies and procedures that guide the Council's activities.