Photograph of scotter allotments

Photo by John Bullivent

Scotter Allotments

Scotter Parish Council owns two areas currently used for allotment gardens.  The land at Scotterthorpe Road contains allotments as laid down by statute.   However, the gardens at the cemetery are designated as temporary, as they will remain as allotments only until such time as the land is needed for burial purposes.


Cemetery Allotments
There are 16 allotment gardens currently located within the grounds of Scotter Cemetery, Scotton Road, Scotter.    These are available for rental by parishioners at a current rent of £10.00 per annum, with each plot measuring some 140 square metres.   If you are interested in renting a cemetery allotment, please contact the Clerk on 01724 764599 or by e-mail.  If no allotments are available, the Clerk operates a waiting list and allotments that become available are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scotterthorpe Road Allotments
There are two different sizes of allotment gardens on Scotterthorpe Road, a half plot measuring 390 square metres and a full plot 780 square metres.  These are available for rental by parishioners at a current rental & maintenance charge of £10.00 per annum for a half plot and £20.00 per annum for a full plot.   Applications to hold an allotment at Scotterthorpe can be made to the Clerk (details as above). Again, if no allotments are available at the time of application, a waiting list is operated with vacated allotments allocated on a first-come, first-served, basis. It should be noted that, if a waiting list exists, any allotments vacated at Scotterthorpe will be allocated at the smaller size only.