Neighbourhood Plan

Please find the link to the Final Neighbourhood Development Plan Document in the web links section below.

The Scotter NDP has now passed its independent examination. A referendum to bring it into force will be held on the 7th December. You will receive a voting card from West Lindsey District Council.

"Do you want West Lindsey District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Scotter to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

A vote YES means -

  • the development planned for Scotter will be managed by the plan. This will include the types of properties to be built and new green spaces required.
  • we can cater specifically for Scotters requirements. This means we can take important issues into account, flooding and parking for example.
  • protecting the existing green spaces of Scotter such as the riverside and the war memorial playing fields.
  • enabling the local community to retain more of the money collected from developments to spend on local projects.
  • that the NDP will be statutory document, and be part of the local planning authorities' development plans.
  • that applications that do not meet the policies set out in the NDP will not be granted permission.

A vote NO means -

  • no local community control over development, meaning that the village could receive over the 10% allocated, in undesirable locations.
  • that applications will only be judged against the criteria of the District Council, not criteria identified by the residents of Scotter.

We will be holding a drop in session at the Eau Centre on Tuesday 5th December from 5-8pm. Please come and talk to us about the implications of the Neighbourhood Development Plan adoption.