Great War servicemen - side facing East

Wakefield - Woods

East facing side

The following people are listed on the side facing East. Great care has been taken to indentify them but, since 90 years have passed, it is likely mistakes have been made.


John Thomas Wakefield 
20146 Private, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)
269363 Private, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)

born 1883 at Messingham 
son of Thomas (a farmer from Messingham) and Lucy Ann (nee Johnson, of March, Cambridgeshire) 
family moved to Winterton then, after his father died in 1892, back to Messingham

may have served before the Great War and then re-enlisted into his old regiment
wounded in 1917

married Amy Woodhouse (sister of George; below) in 1927
died 1st November 1929 aged 46 at Selby
buried alongside his wife in Scotter Cemetery 
gravestone says of him 'safe home in port' 
his brother Frederick died and is remembered on Messingham War Memorial (web link below)

Ted walkerphoto from Alfred Walker, his son


Elijah Scupholme Walker  ('Ted'; christened Elijah Scupham)
18802 Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
604205 Private, Labour Corps

born 1879 at Messingham
son of John Walker (a sawyer) and his partner of many years Mary Jane Scupholme (a field worker); both from Messingham 
family lived at London Road, Messingham 
parents married in 1882 and the children took their father's surname
became a goods packer at Hull where he boarded with a firewood merchant on Bright Street

in 1903 married Charlotte Lily Larder ('Lily') probably at Blyton
became father to her son Robert Alfred ('Alf') Larder (1902-1989) 
children who survived infancy were Harold (1903-1937), Ethel (born 1905), Maud (1906-1978), George Parkinson (1907-1980), Frances (1910-1985), John Henry (born 1913) and Charlotte Lily (1917-2004)
four others who died before their 1st birthday were Edith (1909-1910), Mary Elizabeth (1912-1913) and twins Charles and Annie (both 1915-1916)

worked as a farm labourer and moved his family for village to village to find work
had arrived in Scotter where Edith was christened and buried at St. Peter's

enlisted in 1915
serving abroad in 1917

on his return from the Army found his wife had set up home with another man 
granted a divorce in 1920 at a time when it could only be finalised by attending a London court

a keen member of the Salvation Army
became a council roadman 
lived at Market Place, Wainfleet
met Ethel Constance Thompson (‘Connie’) of Castor near Peterborough 
she lived at Thurlby near Alford
on 27th November 1929 they married at the Wesleyan Chapel, Alford
son Alfred born in 1930 
lived at New England, Croft Bank near Wainfleet

died 24th January 1933; age recorded as 54



might be:-

   Herbert Walter Wells

   born 1893 at Scotton
   son of Walter (a farm labourer from Willoughton) and Emily (nee Neall of Manton)
   family lived on Kirton Road
   a Methodist
   married Sarah Elizabeth Shipman of Messingham in 1914
   worked at Lysaghts Steel Works, Scunthorpe in a reserved occupation
   received call up papers in the autumn of 1918 
   war ended before he could join up

   became a school caretaker

   died 3rd April 1968 aged 74 at the home of daughter Clarice Jackson on Messingham Road, Bottesford
   buried with his wife in Messingham Cemetery
   parents buried in Scotter Cemetery


   Herbert Wells

   born 1883 at Willoughton 
   son of John (an agricultural labourer from Harby) and Eliza (of Cleatham)

   as an elderly widower his father married Teresa Elizabeth Larder in 1904 
   married his step sister Primrose Violet Larder in 1909

   died 1958 aged 75 in the East Retford registration district 
   step mother buried in Scotter Cemetery 
   uncle of Herbert (below)


   Herbert Wells

   born 1899 at Somerby
   son of John (a farm horseman from Manton) and Mary Jane (nee Gilbert of Waltham)

   nephew of Herbert (above)

Claude wilkinson


Albert Wilkinson ('Claudie')

born 1900 in Scotter
son of James (a farm foreman from Branston Fen near Bardney) and Betsy (nee Glasier of Lincoln)

father moved family for work to Kirton-in-Lindsey, Northorpe and Scotton before living at South Street, Scotter

became a greengrocer in Scotter

married Florence Driffill on 20th July 1924

had a plot at the old Scotterthorpe allotments
owned a motorbike and sidecar

died in a shooting accident on 2nd October 1935 aged 35
after working at his allotment he carried his 12 bore shotgun back to where his motorbike was parked at a house yard on the High Street; the gun discharged while being loaded into the sidecar

buried in Scotter Cemetery alongside his parents 
brother of Frank (below)


Frank Wilkinson
41733 Private, 19th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
116608 Private, 195th Company, Labour Corps
50427 Private, Cameron Highlanders 
S/448908 Private, Army Service Corps

born in Scotter
son of James (a farm foreman from Branston Fen near Bardney) and Betsy (nee Glasier of Lincoln)
baptised 10th June 1894 at St. Peter's Church
father moved family for work to Kirton-in-Lindsey, Northorpe and Scotton before living at South Street, Scotter

lived at Sandbeck Farm, Blyton working as a butcher/slaughter man

enlisted 26th February 1916
sent to France on 18th July 1916
by chance met George William Rennison (South face) and had egg and chips with him
transferred to the Labour Corps on 9th May 1917
joined the Cameron Highlanders on 4th July 1918 
returned to England on 18th March 1919
joined the Army Service Corps on 5th May 1919 
worked as a butcher at their Aldershot barracks 
moved to North Camp, Ripon and demobilised on 10th September 1919

married Grace Imogen Francis of Gainsborough in 1925
became the village butcher with his shop on South Street (now High Street) opposite The Green
lived at 64 High Street

died 6th July 1964 aged 70 at 8 The Green
buried alongside his wife and close to his parents in Scotter Cemetery 
brother of Albert (above)

Herbert charles wilkinson

photo from Mark Powell, his great nephew


Herbert Charles Wilkinson
22751 Lincolnshire Regiment

born 23rd March 1897 in Scotter
son of John (a farm labourer) and Emma Jane (nee Fountain of Spalding)
family lived at The Green

enlisted at Lincoln on 10th April 1916
described as a horseman; 5 feet 10 1/4 inches tall; Church of England

poisoned in an enemy mustard gas attack on his trench
died from the effects of this aged just 25
buried in Scotter churchyard on 2nd January 1923
parents also buried in the churchyard
brother of John William (below)




Johnny wilkinson

photo from Allen Limb


John William Wilkinson  ('Johnny')
11/2709 Private, 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
40513 Private, Norfolk Regiment

born in Scotter
son of John (a farm labourer) and Emma Jane (nee Fountain of Spalding)
family lived at The Green
baptised 17th March 1893 at St. Peter's Church

gassed by the enemy
reported wounded and missing on 27th March 1918
two months later he wrote to his parents and said he was a prisoner of war in a German hospital suffering from a broken thigh

married Bertha Schofield on 19th December 1923 at St. Peter's Church
member of Scotter Brass Band (picture taken in 1947)
became the village postman delivering on his bicycle
lived at 5 High Street
walked with a stick due to his wartime injury

died 24th April 1963 aged 70
buried in Scotter Cemetery
parents buried in the churchyard
brother of Herbert Charles (above)

C.T. WINSOR  (memorial incorrect)

Charles Thomas Winsor ('Charlie')
Sherwood Foresters

born 24th November 1898 at Kirton-in-Lindsey 
son of Arthur Ernest (a coal miner from Kirton-in-Lindsey) and Julia (nee Capes of Laughton)
family moved to Carlton-in-Lindrick before his father worked as a farm hand in Scotter

Scotter County School records for 7th June 1910 say:- 
 'Charles Winsor climbed up the Rectory Kitchen Garden wall and cut his finger badly'
father died in November 1913

whilst serving in the Army went to Tipperary in Ireland

a bachelor
lodged at 16 Crescent Cottages, the home of Mrs. Maggie Sizer
worked for Powells Transport and then at Scunthorpe steelworks until his retirement
in later years lived in a flat on Sands Lane 
supporter of Scotter Brass Band 
followed sport and particularly enjoyed going to watch Test match cricket 
regularly attended Scotter United football matches

died in 1981 aged 82
probably cremated
father buried in Scotter churchyard
mother buried in Scotter Cemetery


George Robert Maw Woodhouse  ('Bob')

born 1885 at Morton
daughter of John and Jane (nee Sleight of Brattleby near Scampton)
father died in 1886 
mother became a charwoman before she died in 1907

a bachelor
served in the Army before the Great War 
at the outbreak of war he taught drill and gun handling to young men of the village; in his front room a gun discharged, the bullet went through the ceiling into a bedroom where 2 were sleeping; luckily no-one was hurt

became a roadworker 
lived at 22 High Street 
keen horse racing fan
died 31st March 1965 aged 79 at Scunthorpe War Memorial Hospital
buried in Scotter Cemetery


could be 
 Arthur Woods
 born 1879 at West Butterwick
 moved to Gainsborough 
 became a bricklayer


could be either
  George Henry Woods
  born 1882 at Gainsborough
  became an engineers fitters apprentice
  George Robert Woods
  born 1897 at Worlaby

* I don't think any of the men above are the real identities of A. Woods and G. Woods.  The surname (and 'Wood') do not appear in the Scotter Parish records nor are they present in any census of the village from 1841 to 1911.

  The Gainsborough News has been comprehensively checked from 1914 to 1922 but no-one can be linked to Scotter.  On-line resources of military service and pension records haven't helped so they continue to be a mystery,

  The Wood family from Messingham have been thoroughly looked at as have the Woods of Blyton who seem to have arrived in the area a dozen years after the end of the Great War.

   Perhaps A. and G. Woods were related, came here for labouring work after the 1911 census and were conscripted.  Unfortunately 80% of the country's military records were destroyed by German bombing in World War 2.

   The last remaining lead is connected to an Eminson woman.  The monument lists many Eminson's; the family originated from Great Gonerby in South Lincolnshire.  Caroline L. Eminson lived in that village and married her second husband George H. Woods who may have had grown up children...