Great War servicemen - side facing South

Dawber - Nelson


South facing side

The following people are listed on the side facing South. Great care has been taken to identify them but, since 90 years have passed, it is likely mistakes have been made.

Jack dawber

photo from Allen Limb, his nephew


John Dawber  ('Jack')
119979 Private, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
joined up with 119998 Private Thomas Oxley (South face)
joined up with 120003 Private Wilfred Herbert Robinson (South face)

born 30th June 1893 in Scotter
son of John (a cottager from Scotter) and Sophia ('Sophie' ; nee Storm of West Butterwick)
family lived on Becks Lane in a house now demolished
they owned a field and his father became a carrot merchant

'a genuine bloke'
worked for the Eminson brothers at Scotterwood
ploughed with a horse
lived at Scotterhorpe Road, Scotter
dressed down for work and dressed up for pleasure
cycled every Sunday to Wrawby to see his lady friend

interred 5th October 1963 aged 70 
buried in Scotter Cemetery

Billy lawman                photo from Allen Limb



William Lawman  ('Billy'; surname sometimes Lowman)
3214 Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
206170 Private, Devonshire Regiment

born 23rd May 1886 at Laughton
son of Watson (an agricultural labourer from Laughton) and Elizabeth (nee Oxley of Blyton)

family lived at 5 East End, Laughton
when he was 10 years old his father died
mother moved to High Street, Scotton and her youngest children Mary and John ('Jack') sent to the Gainsborough Union Workhouse

at 14 he was a boarder working as an agricultural labourer at Somersby, near Gainsborough
was using the surname 'Lowman'
by the outbreak of war his mother had moved to Scotter

worked as an agricultural labourer for Cecil Limb at Highfield Farm on Kirton Road
lived on Northmoor Road
married Nellie Wolfe/Smith in 1945

died in 1969 aged 83 in the North Kesteven registration district
wife buried in Scotter Cemetery 

Weddy lees

Raddish paddock - load of swedes for cattle ; photo from Miss Amelia Raddish - taken around 1920


Frederick Ellis Lees  ('Weddy')
4246 Private, West Yorkshire Regiment
201869 Private, West Yorkshire Regiment

born 7th April 1891 in Scotter; christened Fred
son of Mary Frances Lees (nee Skinner of Scunthorpe) and Charles Crackles (from Scotter)

half brother Private Robert Skinner Lees, Coldstream Guards died in 1901 aged 23; death registered at Westminster

baptised with his brother Charles Herbert at St. Peter's Church on 22nd January 1905
worked on a farm
enlisted 27th March 1916 
suffered after the war from a viral infection contracted while in the Army

became employed by the council as a roadman 
married Ella Doris Barlow in 1932
lived on Sands Lane
wife gave piano lessons and travelled to Epworth for some pupils
moved to live at Hoggets Hill, Epworth 
worked at Scunthorpe steelworks
in old age became resident in a Gainsborough nursing home
died 21st March 1973 aged 81 
buried alongside his wife in Morton Cemetery
parents buried in Scotter churchyard
half brother of Albert (West face)

1902 cricket team

photo from Sidney Marris - 1902 cricket team; Henry stood at the extreme right


Henry Leggott 
267731 Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
born 1882 at Blyton
son of George (a farmer from Blyton) and Ellen (nee Duckworth of Manchester)

family moved to Scotter

both father and brother George Richard (aged 11) died in 1891, perhaps in the pleuro-pnuemonia epidemic


as a young man assisted his mother, the inn keeper of the Sun and Anchor on South Street
mother died in 1901

played cricket for the village
sister Lilly married Richard Leaning Raddish on 15th December 1902 at St. Peter's Church (they lived at the Manor which stayed in their family until sold by daughter Amelia in 1989)

in 1911 lived at Ecclesall Bierlow near Sheffield
there his sister Flora married silversmith Frederick Murdock (later 'Murdoch') the following year
by 1919 Henry had become a ‘salesman’ and was living with them at 43 Alderson Road, Sheffield

on demobilisation posted to Class Z Reserve - a civilian obliged to return to the Army if called

probably a bachelor
in 1959 his death was notified in the ‘Sheffield Star‘:- 
   'On January 13th at 43 Alderson Road, Henry aged 76 (late of Castlefolds Market), dearly loved brother of Flora and dear uncle of Flora, Diane and Les. Service and cremation City Road on Monday at 3pm.'

parents buried in St. Peter’s churchyard

Loughton family group

The Loughton family - Alfred sat on the ground right of centre; photo from Lesley Norris, granddaughter of his sister Mary


Alfred Ernest Loughton (later used Laughton)
3240 Private, York and Lancaster Regiment
783015 Private, 29th (County of London) Battalion, London Regiment
born in Scotter 
son of Alfred (a bricklayer from Sheffield) and Christina (nee Trickett of Ecclesfield, near Sheffield)
baptised 20th May 1888 at St. Peter's Church

mother died in 1893 and is buried in Scotter churchyard
step son of Mary Jane ('Jane'; nee Windsor of Kirton-in-Lindsey)

met Sarah Annie Conyers of Market Weighton when her family were living on Sands Lane
both worked in the Thorne area 
in 1911 they married in the Thorne registration district 
became a bricklayer 
lived at 36 Brumby Wood Lane, Scunthorpe

joined Scotter Home Guard in World War Two 
worked for Richard Thomas and Baldwin's Limited
captain of his works bowls team
travelled to Monks Hall, Warrington for the annual works visit in May
member of Brumby and Frodingham Club

died at his home on 7th August 1947 aged 59
buried alongside his wife in Scotter Cemetery 
brother of John Thomas (below)
brother of Uriah Francis (below)

The loughtons

The Loughton family - John extreme left; photo from Lesley Norris, granddaughter of his sister Mary


John Thomas Loughton (wrongly listed)
800995 Driver, 2/1st North Midland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

(see also his cousin J.F. Loughton in 'served but not listed' section)

born 1883 at Messingham
son of Alfred (a bricklayer from Sheffield) and Christina (nee Trickett of Ecclesfield near Sheffield)

mother died in 1893 and buried in Scotter churchyard
step son of Mary Jane ('Jane'; nee Windsor of Kirton-in-Lindsey)

'ran away to join the Army' in the early 1900's
became a bricklayer
married Mary Sarah Jennings of Owston Ferry in 1911
lived at Victoria Cottage, North Street, Owston Ferry

enlisted on 14th June 1915 at Grimsby
described as 5 feet 7 and a quarter inch tall, weight 126 pounds

posted to 246th Brigade, RFA on 17th March 1919 and ‘C’ Company, 113th Brigade on 29th November 1919
suffered with pneumonia over Christmas and New Year and hospitalised in Woolwich
demobilized at No. 4 Depot in March 1920; address given as 14 East View, Wath-on-Dearne

lived at Wrawby
died at a care home at 34 Wrawby Street, Brigg on 1st April 1946 aged 62
buried in Scotter Cemetery with the surname 'Laughton'

brother of Alfred Ernest (below)
brother of Uriah Francis (below)

Loughton family group

The Loughton family - Hugh sat on the ground in the centre; photo from Lesley Norris, granddaughter of his sister Mary


Uriah Francis Loughton ('Hugh'; wrongly listed)
14552 Private, 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
born 25th September 1891 at Kirton-in-Lindsey
son of Alfred (a bricklayer from Sheffield) and Christina (nee Trickett of Ecclesfield near Sheffield) 
twin brother of Eliza Ann

mother died in 1893 and is buried in Scotter churchyard
step son of Mary Jane ('Jane'; nee Windsor of Kirton-in-Lindsey)

family lived on West Street
became a bricklayer's apprentice

enlisted 8th September 1914; promoted to Lance Corporal the following month
arrived in France on 10th September 1915
on 15th October took part in the charge at the Hobenzoltern Redoubt and was seriously wounded in the shoulder
returned to Norwich Hospital 
discharged 27th July 1917 as a result of wounds and received Silver War Badge 124162

became a building contractor 
married Agnes Elizabeth Rose (nee Tompkins, war widow of Stephen Rose) at Eaton Bray, near Dunstable, Bedfordshire in 1926
father to Mary and Dora and step father to Stephen 
tragedy struck as youngest daughter Dora died on 5th September 1935 aged 6 years 11 months

committee member of his village ‘Forces Home-coming Fund’ formed in October 1944

lived in various houses on the Moor End Lane, Eaton Bray until settling at No. 2 
built his own house, Fuchure Cottage, and a bungalow for stepson Stephen on Moore End Lane
also constructed other houses in and around the village and rebuilt the Beta Works after a fire in the 1950s. Other buildings were Eaton Bray Village Hall, Dagnall Village Hall and developments of Church Lane and Knights Close

died 28th May 1973 aged 81
buried at Eaton Bray Cemetery on Bower Lane between his wife and daughter 
his headstone is inscribed 'Peace Perfect Peace'

brother of Alfred Ernest (above) 
brother of John Thomas (above)                           


Scotter brass band (1906)

Scotter Brass Band (12th July 1906) - Harry middle row, extreme right 


Harry Marris
might be
G/19438 Private, Royal West Kent Regiment 
47124 Private, East Staffordshire Regiment

born 5th September 1890 in Scotter
son of Hunt (a butcher and farmer from Scotter) and Mary Ann (nee Brookes of Messingham)

worked on a farm
played the cornet in Scotter Brass Band

married Azubah Butler (sister of Fred; West face) on 31st December 1913 at St. Peter’s Church
father of Zillah, Nancie and Harry John 
daughter Zillah married Derek Charles Gray Clinkard (main face)

became a butcher

died 12th March 1963 aged 72 in Scotter
parents buried in Scotter churchyard


Henry Martin (‘Harry’)

in December 1915 the ‘Gainsborough News‘ listed the Scotter men who were serving in the forces and included ‘Harry Martin‘ who was later referred to as 'Henry'; there seem to be 3 unsatisfactory candidates, a 49 year old teacher and men from Blyton and Gainsborough:-

Frederick Henry Martin 
born 1866 at St. Michael Penkivel, near Truro, Cornwall
son of Frederick (a gamekeeper from Dodderington, Gloucestershire) and Caroline (of Toddington, Bedfordshire)

possibly a bachelor 
became a schoolmaster 
worked at Hitchin, Hertfordshire before moving to Willoughton near Gainsborough 
the 1911 census shows him as a teacher living with his widowed mother in Scotter 
died in 1959 aged around 93 in the Gainsborough registration district

Henry Martin 
born 1872 at Blyton 
son of Samuel (a labourer from Tattershall Fen) and Rebecca (nee Pinning of Normanby)
family lived on Town Street for many years

became a railway signalman 
married Charlotte Hodgson of Ecclesfield and moved to live at 76 Bandwell Road, Sheffield

John Henry Martin 
303140 Corporal, 8th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

born 1897 at Gainsborough 
son of Henry (an iron moulder and general shopkeeper from Lincoln) and Mary (of Waddingham)
lived at 2 Sandsfield Lane and later at 24 North Street, Gainsborough

enlisted January 1915 at Gainsborough 
sent to Dumbarton to join 9th (Reserve) Battalion
posted abroad in August 1916 
joined their 1/8th Battalion in January 1917 
on 17th March 1917 suffered a gun shot wound to the mouth while
‘in action’
sent back to England until the end of July when he rejoined his regiment
posted to the 5th (Reserve) then 1/7th and back to the 8ths 
discharged 25th June 1919

John and mary maw

Jack, Tina & family; photo from Lesley Norris, great granddaughter


John Thomas Maw  ('Jack')
16364 Private, Lincolnshire Regiment 

born 24th September 1885 at 58 Newland, Lincoln
son of John (a coal miner from Nettleham) and Fanny (nee Drayton of Ulverston, Lancashire)

family moved to Kirton-in-Lindsey after living at Springthorpe
father became a master bootmaker and mother a post mistress
became a shoemaker

on 15th June 1910 married Mary Christina 'Tina' Loughton (sister of Alfred, Uriah and John; above) at St. Peter's Church; the event was described in the ‘Scunthorpe Star’:-

‘On Wednesday great interest was evinced in the wedding of Mr. John Thomas Maw, son of Mr. J. Maw of Kirton, and Mary Christina, second daughter of Mr. A. Laughton, builder of Scotter. The large attendance in Church spoke of the high esteem in which the bridal pair are held. A tastefully decorated motor formed the bridal coach… Mr. J.J.B. Whitelock, of Leeds, attended the bridegroom as groomsman. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Blew. After the honeymoon the newly wedded pair will take up their residence in Kirton. The bridal party left Scotter by motor early on Thursday morning for Scarborough where the honeymoon is being passed. After the ceremony Mr and Mrs Laughton entertained about fifty in a large marquee…’

worked at family business on High Street; an invoice from 1912 is headed 'wear Pax heels - John Maw - practical bootmaker and repairer'

enlisted 17th April 1915
discharged 6th September 1917
received Silver War Badge B139161 as no longer medically fit for war service

member of the Home Guard in World War Two
moved to live at 276 Ropery Road, Gainsborough
by 1947 was living at Batley

died 28th May 1965 aged 79 at Snapethorpe Hospital, Wakefield 
ashes interred at Batley Crematorium


If the memorial is correct, only one person has been found who this might be.  However It seems very unlikely that a farmer in his early 40s would enlist into the forces.

Henry Morris  (birth registered as 'Morriss')
born in Scotter 
son of Robert (a farmer from Hatfield Woodhouse) and Charlotte (nee Dauber of Scotter)
baptised 8th July 1874 at St. Peter's Church  
family lived on Becks Lane
lived at Goosemoor and became a farmer
parents buried in Scotter churchyard
brother of Emma

Perhaps another error was made when trying to read the monument for refurbishment in the 1980s.  A much more likely person would be his sister Emma who served in the French Red Cross (see ‘A forgotten heroine’) 

Football team (c1907)

photo from A.M. Fowles - Scotter Footballl team (c1907); Jack is on the middle row, extreme right


John James Naylor  ('Jack') 
14771 Private, 8th Battalion,
Lincolnshire Regiment 
147581 Private, 37th Battalion,
Machine Gun Corps

born 26th June 1891 in Scotter
son of Andrew (a farm labourer) and Jane (nee Lings; a dressmaker from Messingham) 
family lived on West Street

father died in 1910
became a groom

enlisted at Lincoln on 4th January 1915 
described as 5 feet 8 inches tall with blue eyes 
arrived in France on 10th September 1915 
returned to UK for demobilization on 30th January 1919 
posted to the Reserve on 1st March 
after discharge re-enlisted for 2 years 
became 7811774 Private, 37th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps 
a transport driver until leaving on 5th August 1921

married Annie Elizabeth Wilkinson (sister of Herbert and John; East face) on 2nd August 1922 
lived at 3 High Street 
had a very dry wit 
dug many miles of drains by hand to connect Scotter to the drainage system 
was the village barber 
became the village grave digger
enjoyed a pipe and smoked 'Condor'
always went to work on his bicycle
played snooker and billiards at the Village Institute
employed there as the caretaker

died 27th April 1970 aged 78 
buried alongside his wife in Scotter Cemetery
parents buried in the churchyard

John nelson 1918 photo from Patricia Foreman, granddaughter of his sister Ada


John Nelson 
Lance Corporal, 3/2 West Riding, Royal Army Medical Corps
born 1888 in Scotter 
son of William (a saddler Branston near Lincoln) and Annie Elizabeth (nee Smith of Blyton Carr)
baptised 14th October 1888 at St. Peter's Church
family business and residence was at The Green, Scotter 
enlisted in 1915 
on 24th January 1916 he wrote to the 'Gainsborough News' from Clipstone Camp, Nottinghamshire:-
   'to allow me to thank all the kind friends in Scotter who have so kindly sent me a parcel of things'
in September 1918 that paper reported he:-
   'is on furlough and has been spending a few days at home. He has been in France about 2 1/2 years and has been in the thick of much fighting' 

a bachelor
sister Annie Elizabeth ('Dot') married William Cox of Garturk Street, Glasgow on 21st July 1919 at St. Peter's Church
John moved to Scotland, presumably with them
became a draper and sold 'fine linens'
when his father died in October 1940 John was living at 152 Mount Annan Drive, Glasgow
later lived with Dot and William at Newbury, Berkshire
died 27th November 1964 aged 76
cremated at Oxford
parents buried in Scotter Churchyard