Great War servicemen - side facing West

Arrand - Cottingham

West facing side

The following people are listed on the side facing West. Great care has been taken to identify them but, since 90 years have passed, it is likely mistakes have been made.

William henry arrand

Bessie, Clive and Will (c1938); photo from Viv Allison, his niece


William Henry Arrand  ('Will')
240445 Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
2347 Corporal, Lincolnshire Regiment
20644 Corporal, Army Pay Corps

born 7th October 1887 in Scotter 
son of Frederick (a farm foreman) and Fanny (nee Surr) who were both from Belton

Scotter County School records for 9th June 1902 say:-
 'William Arrand came to school with fingers bitten by a horse. The master bathed his hand and cautioned the boys about blood poisoning’. 

in 1911 lodged at the home of Tom (a pit sinker from Devon) and Annie Elizabeth Finch

arrived in France on 1st March 1915
married Frances Mason (1891-1926) later that year

moved to Flintshire, Wales where 'he sank pit shafts’
wife died there aged 35 
in 1929 married Martha Elizabeth Piercey (‘Bessie‘; 1903-1963) in the Hawarden, Clwyd registration district
had a son William Clive P. (1936-2002)

ran a pulic house at Caergwerle near Wrexham 
died in 1959 aged 70 in the Harwarden, Clwyd registration district
father buried in the churchyard and mother in Scotter Cemetery 
brother of Walter Robert (below)


Walter robert arrand & pal

Walter seated; photo from David Capes


Walter Robert Arrand
99180 Driver, Royal Engineers

born 15th June 1894 in Scotter
son of Frederick (a farm foreman) and Fanny (nee Surr) who were both from Belton

worked at Moss Farm, Scotter

enlisted in 1915

married Florence Bailey (1892-1980) on 5th March 1918 at Doncaster

father to Frederick J. (1920-1969), Kathleen (1921-1974) and Dennis (1923-1995)

ran 'The Old Good Woman Cafe' on St. Sepulchre Gate

died on 17th December 1974 aged 80 at Hatfield

father buried in the churchyard and mother in Scotter Cemetery
brother of William Henry (above)



Sydney Roberts Bartle 
221741 Driver, Royal Field Artillery
112739 Acting Sergeant, Tank Corps

born 25th April 1898 at Gainsborough 
son of John William (a draper from Bradford) and Laura (nee Roberts of Gainsborough)
baptised with his sister Enid Cecilia on 18th July 1909 at St. Peter's Church
Enid died aged just 21 months at Lincoln
became a draper 
resided at 32 Lord Street, Gainsborough

enlisted in the town on 7th June 1916 when parents lived at Scotter
called up on 15th February 1917
described as Church of England, 5 feet 7inches and a quarter inches tall, weighing 133 pounds
posted to No.1 Depot, Royal Field Artillery, Newcastle-on-Tyne
attached to the 20th Machine Gun Corps (Heavy Branch) at Wareham on 11th August 1917
took courses using Hotchkiss and Lewis machine guns and became a revolver instructor
promoted to Acting Corporal in November 1917
posted to the Tank Corps at Swanage on 26th October 1918
promoted to Acting Sergeant in December 1918
discharged February 1919 to mother's home address of Cromwell Gardens, Station Road, Misterton

might have married Mildred Palmer in 1923 in the Bakewell registration district

died in 1965 aged 67 in the Blackpool registration district

Percy bell

photo from Margaret Crisp, his daughter


Percy Bell
222005 Gunner, 5th Battery, 37th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
1029662, Royal Field Artillery

born 4th April 1897 in Scotter
son of Eden Bell (a dressmaker) in his early life they lived with her parents Charles (a general farm labourer from Blyborough) and Eden (of Withernwick near Hornsea)

mother married John Whitelam (a fish dealer from Scotton) on 10th May 1905 and after John died George Richards in 1922.

She lived at Scotterthorpe until her death in 1971 aged 95


by 13 years of age was working on a farm

awarded the Indian General Service Medal with Afghanistan and North West Frontier clasps

when still in the Army, married Annie Purdon at the Allen Memorial Church in Wallsend, Northumberland on 8th September 1920
set up home in Scotter
father of Cyril, Edna, Norman, Margaret and Vera

moved to work as a coal miner at Rossington Colliery, near Doncaster
served as an Air Raid Warden in World War Two 
ardent Socialist
keen handyman who made many wireless sets for the people in his village
became a school governor
rose to be the Mines Deputy and President of the N.A.C.O.D. Union at the pit
died on 21st May 1966 aged 69

George Birkitt (monument incorrect)
293566 Driver, Army Service Corps
484290 Private, 409 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps

born 10th July 1894 at Grayingham 
son of George (a farm cattle man from Willoughton) and Harriet (nee Barnett of Laughton) 
family moved to Cleatham and later to Scotterthorpe

worked as a horseman for Elizabeth Kirkham who farmed at Scotterthorpe

enlisted at Scunthorpe on 23rd January 1917
described as 5 feet tall weighing 108 pounds
sent to a Bradford camp and 3 weeks later transferred to the R.A.S.C. at Blackheath 
on 27th July 1917 transferred to 697 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps 
joined 409 Agricultural Company at Lincoln on 26th January 1918
demobilised on 22nd January 1919

married Alice Maud Bean of Escrick, Yorkshire on 23rd June 1925 at Laughton
lived at 14 Mark Rise, Blyton
had 12 children - Ethel, Arthur, Margaret, Norman, John W., George, Elizabeth, Ronald, Mary, Frank, Carol and Valerie

died 29th July 1972 aged 78 
buried alongside his wife in Blyton churchyard


George Michael Richard Briggs (wrong initial)
5041 Private, 10th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
037910 Private, Army Ordnance Corps

born around 20th July 1889 at Gainsborough
son of Thomas and Lucy Bateman (nee Carr of Scotter)
father died when George was less than a year old

family then lived at High Street, Scotter in the home of Lucy’s grandmother Mary Carr
baptised with sister Mary Dinah on 20th March 1891 at St. Peter's Church
may have ‘attended school’ at Gainsborough Union Workhouse on Lea Road with older brother
  Thomas Albert

became a foundry worker at Marshall Sons & Company
lived at 33 Tower Street, Gainsborough

enlisted in the town on 5th February 1916 when a bachelor
described as Church of England, 5 feet 10 inches tall
sailed from Folkestone to Boulogne on 5th July 1916
on 2nd January 1917 suffered a gun shot wound to inside his left leg which fractured
  the thigh
taken to the 8th General Hospital at Rouen
a week later sailed back to the UK aboard the ‘Aberdonian’ 
transferred to 6th Company, 5th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
hospitalised at Lady Stradbrookes, Wangford, then Melton and finally Ripon until
  10th October 1917
transferred to the Army Ordnance Corps at Woolwich on 20th December 1917
posted to No. 18 Section of the A.O.C. at White City
discharged at Ripon on 24th September 1919 with ‘a disability of less than 20 per cent

died in 1963 aged 74 in the Gainsborough registration district

Robert brown

'Gainsborough News' photo


Joseph Robert Taylor Brown  ('Robert')
26589 Private, South Staffordshire Regiment 
40450 Private, Worcestershire Regiment

served with 40451 Private Colin Brumby (below)

born 14th December 1897 in Scotter

son of Joseph ('Joe'; a general farm labourer from Thurlby) & Rosetta (nee Taylor of Burnham)

family lived on Sands Lane

a friend of Frank Foster (North facing side) 
aged 14 was working for John Butler as a farm labourer at Avenue Farm, Scotter

enlisted 25th March 1916 and sent to the front on 4th October

in May 1917 it was feared he might lose his leg; reported he was
  'lying seriously wounded in France. He received a dangerous wound in the knee (by shrapnel) on April 23rd and has undergone a serious operation but is now progressing favourably'
discharged 31st December 1917 as a result of wounds and received the Silver War Badge 294064

married Annie Pearson in 1925 in Glanford Brigg district
step-father to her daughters Barbara and Brenda
father of Joseph Arthur Marshall (‘Joe’), Lewis Robert and Annie Margaret
lived in a thatched house on Sands Lane
in 1936 son Joe died of diphtheria aged 9 and buried in Scotter Cemetery

died in a nursing home at 181 Lea Road, Gainsborough
interred 24th Aug 1972 aged 74
buried in Scotter Cemetery

Colin stanley brumby

photo from Margaret Hill, his daughter


Colin Stanley Brumby  ('Col')
26592 Private, South Staffordshire Regiment 
40451 Private, Worcestershire Regiment 
served with 40450 Private Robert Brown (above) 
born 18th April 1897 in Scotter
son of Henry (a cutter and tailor from Cleatham) and Evelina (nee Wells of Epworth)   
became apprenticed to his father

enlisted 20th May 1916
reported as wounded in November 1917; suffered a severe injury
discharged 26th July 1919 as a result of wounds
received Silver War Badge B274624

married Dorothy Streets of Northorpe in September 1924
had a tailoring shop at 1 The Green, known locally as "Brumby's Corner"
father to Margaret Joyce, Alan and Michael

Scotter Parish Clerk from at least 1928 until his death

each year kept a pig in a building in Sun and Anchor's yard, across the road from his home
Scotter rate collector for many years
member of Scotter Bowls Club
enjoyed a Saturday night pint and game of dominoes at the White Swan
his wife gave piano lessons and played the St. Peter's Church organ

died 9th October 1960 aged 63 
buried alongside his wife in Scotter Cemetery and close to his parents
took a daily stroll around the village and Colin's Walk named in his memory. 
brother of Henry Wesley (below)

Henry wesley brumby

late 1900's photo from Kenneth Brumby, his son


Henry Wesley Brumby  ('Harry')
416165 Private, Royal Army Medical Corps Territorial Force

born 2nd June 1887 in Scotter
son of Henry (a cutter and tailor from Cleatham) and Evelina (nee Wells of Epworth)

served a very strict apprenticeship under his father

moved to work at West End, March, Cambridgeshire where he lodged at the home of Mary Moore

became a master tailor

enlisted 9th September 1914
discharged 5th August 1919

married Grace Edith Hodson (’Edie’) of Binbrook on 11th November 1915 at the Methodist Church near Bradley Cross Roads, Grimsby
father of Doris, PhylIis and Kenneth

worked with his wife at Wainfleet before moving to Market Rasen

'Spent much of his time cross legged on a table in his workshop in Union Street.  A quiet man, solitary at work but welcoming to the odd visiting friend in his shop, having a Woodbine now and then, a bit of interest in racing and football.  He had an allotment by the rail station and kept a pig or two in a sty nearby'

around 1933 moved to premises with accommodation at 22 Queen Street 
business was a gent's outfitters with a ladies section
Harry was the tailor and Edie ran the rest of the shop

'always enjoyed walking... and talking to people, especially to local farming folk about their crops'
interested in nature
sociable and involved with Edie in the Methodist Church on Union Street
on retirement they moved to a bungalow on Mill Road, Market Rasen 

died in 1968 aged 81
commemoration service held at the church followed by cremation in Grimsby
parents buried in Scotter Cemetery 
brother of Colin Stanley (above)

1908 cricket team

Scotter 1908 cricket team; Fred front with arms folded


Fred Butler

born 1888 in Scotter
son of John (a grocer) and Ann (Anne nee Buttrick); both from Garthorpe

family business and residence was Manchester House

brothers John (back row 3rd from left), Harold (back row 3rd from right) and Herbert (middle row 2nd from right)

played cricket for Scotter 
married Ethel Annie Harrison-Osborne (sister of Reginald; South face) on 3rd July 1916 at St. Peter's Church
honeymooned at Buxton

became a merchant 
lived on Long Street, Scotter

died at Denton Lodge, Denton near Grantham, at the Sheardown home on 20th January 1939
a week later, under the heading 'Loss to Scotter', the 'Gainsborough News' reported:-

   'The death occurred while visiting friends at Grantham on Friday of Mr. Fred Butler, of Scotter, at the age of 50.  He will be greatly missed in the village and by many people at wholesale local produce markets, where he was well known, having built up a big business in washed carrots.  He sent thousands of tons every year from Scotter and Pocklington to the principal cities. 
   Mr. Butler was one of the managers of Scotter Council School and at one time was a member of the parish council.  He was also a member of the local cricket club and village institute and the Scunthorpe Golf Club. 
   Although he never sought popularity, he was well respected by everybody and, while making many new friends in business, he never forgot friends of earlier years.  He had earned great respect for his straight business dealing, and his word was his bond.  He was generous-hearted and was always ready to help others in any way, and to quote Kipling
"do it without noise".  He leaves a widow and one son. 
   The funeral, which took place on Monday, was one of the largest for many years.  The service was held at the Gainsborough Road Methodist Church... 
... The school flag was flown at half-mast during the week-end.'

buried in Scotter Cemetery 
cousin of Wilf Butler (below)


Arthur John Wilfred Butler  ('Wilf')
551009 Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians),
Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force
born 3rd March 1891 at Scunthorpe
son of Arthur James and Harriet Anne (nee Houghton); both from Garthorpe 
spent childhood in Cliffe and Hemingbrough near Selby 
lived on Mount Street (now Messingham Road)
four younger sisters were Gertrude Johnson M. (‘Cissie‘; 1892-1977), Eva Jane M. (1895-1987), Ivy Kathleen (1899-1995) and Maud Victoria (1900-1975)

in 1911 he was working as a clerk to his uncle, the auctioneer & valuer Joseph Davey Butler
lived with him and his family at 31 Nether Hall Road, Doncaster

emigrated on 2nd March 1912
boarded the Empress of Britain at Liverpool and sailed to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
sponsored by cousin Arthur Butler (brother of Fred above) of Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay)
became a farm labourer

enlisted into 'The Canadians' at Sewell, Manitoba on 20th August 1915
parents were living at West Ville, Scotter
described as 5'10" tall, fair complexion, grey eyes and brown hair

married Mary Hannah Bull on 10th September 1932 at Winnipeg, Manitoba
became an accountant
in 1945 worked for Frasea Farms, a large dairy farm, on Sea Island, Richmond, British Columbia
lived in Richmond at 860 Blundell and by 1954 had moved to 410 No.3 Road in that town
retired in July 1956
died 7th December 1956 aged 64 at Richmond, British Columbia 
cremated at Vancouver Crematorium

cousin of Fred Butler (above)

Joseph chantrey

photo from Pamela Peart, his granddaughter


Joseph Chantry (also used Chantrey) 
Agricultural Company, General Service Corps

born 18th March 1884 in Scotter

son of Harry (a farm worker from Scotter) and Bessy Sophia (nee Drayton from North Kelsey)
family lived at High Street, Scotter

father died in 1890
mother became a charwoman
worked for John Butler of Manchester House until 1902

moved to South Shields where he met his future wife
became a landscape gardener and horticulturalist
employed by the Lawson family at School House, Hayden Bridge

married Ethel Henderson on 25th October 1909 at St. Peter's Church
both were keen churchgoers
in 1910, when Mr. Lawson died, returned from the North East with glowing references:-
  'employed for 6 and a half years... very industrious and attentive of duties... a total abstainer'  
worked for William Cowper Eminson of French Cottage, Mount Street for over 5 years 
in 1916 moved to work for M. Hodgson Wilson at Hexgreave Park, Southwell, Nottinghamshire

called up in 1918

after discharge began employment at the Manor, first for the Roadley's then Richard Raddish
later worked for the Blakey family at Laughton 
lived at 'Willowdene' on Clay Lane; it was known locally as "Chantrey's Corner"
he and his wife hosted church garden parties at their home
died 28th March 1966 aged 82
buried alongside his wife in Scotter Cemetery
father buried in the churchyard, mother in St. Philip’s Anglican churchyard, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 
brother of Robert (below)

Robert and bessy

Robert and his mother (1915);  photo from Pamela Peart, his great niece


Robert Chantry (Chantrey; 'Bob' later 'Roy')
born at Scotter

son of Harry (a farm worker from Scotter) and Bessy Sophia (nee Drayton of North Kelsey) 
family lived at High Street, Scotter
baptised 2nd June 1889 at St. Peter's Church
father died the next year 
mother became a charwoman
called up on 19th February 1916
joined the Labour Corps on 25th April 1918
demobilized on 21st January 1919 and transferred to the Army Reserve of the Lincolnshire Regiment

decided to emigrate to Canada with his sister Grace and their mother 
his passage paid for by the Government
on 21st May 1920, with $40 each, set sail aboard the ’Victorian’ from Liverpool bound for Quebec
headed for the home of brother Thomas and his wife Mary (nee Graham) in Ballycroy, Ontario
intended to become a farmer 
described as 5 feet 7 and a half inches tall, fair complexion, grey eyes, dark brown hair 
a Protestant

lived with his mother and sister at Concession A, Etobicoke Township
at their home farmed a few acres, grew fruit trees and kept livestock
became profoundly deaf

died 6th September 1946 aged 57
the ‘Toronto Star’ reported:-

Train victims 
  Weston, Sep. 7 - When he was struck by a train on the C.N.R. right-of way which runs through the Weston Golf Club, Roy Chantrey, of Etobicoke, suffered fatal injuries today.
Chantrey, an employee of the golf club, was crossing the track with a lawnmower. The train, travelling east, was brought to a stop and the man removed to the Weston station. Dr. F.D. Cruickshank was called but pronounced the man dead. The date of an inquest has not been set. Mr. Chantrey is survived by a sister and brother in Thistletown and two brothers in England.’

buried alongside Grace and close to their mother in St. Philip’s Anglican churchyard at Etobicoke
father buried in St. Peter's churchyard 
brother of Joseph (above)

Edmund cottingham

photo from Jack Middleton, taken around 1918


Edmund Cottingham 
4617 Private, West Yorkshire Regiment
202156 Private, 5th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment

born in Scotter
son of William Fisher (a miller from Faldingworth near Market Rasen) and Mary (nee Parks of Lumley, Nottinghamshire)
baptised 14th November 1886 at St. Peter's Church
family lived on South Street

enlisted 30th March 1916
his ‘dog tag’ shows his religion as Church of England
in 1916 hospitalised in Ipswich as 'wounded in both hands'
discharged as a result of wounds on 18th April 1917 and received Silver War Badge B10662
(in the picture above he is wearing it)

died in 1927 aged 39 'from injuries sustained in the Great War'
mother buried in the churchyard, father in the cemetery
brother of Herbert (below)


Herbert Cottingham 
281990 Private, 606 Mechanical Transport Company, Army Service Corps

born 3rd March 1889 in Scotter
son of William Fisher (a miller from Faldingworth near Market Rasen) and Mary (nee Parks of Lumley, Nottinghamshire) 
family lived on South Street 
became a 'gardener and threshing machine attendant'

enlisted in February 1916 at Gainsborough 
described as Church of England, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing 126 pounds
married Lily Emma Neal of 21 Green Hill Road, Grantham on 10th July 1916 
posted to Grove Park on 4th January 1917
joined the 606 M.T. Company at Holland Park on 21st February 1917
in the Army became a steam driver
demobilised on 28th January 1919 when address was 59 Park Parade, Barton-on-Humber

daughter Barbara married Frank Brumby in 1938 in the Glanford Brigg registration district

died in 1969 aged 80 in the Welton registration district
mother buried in the churchyard, father in the cemetery
brother of Edmund (above)