the four Scotter chapels

New connexion chapel

picture 61 from Mr. J. Middleton - New Connexions chapel (pre 1909)

Primitive Methodists built the first Scotter Chapel on West Street (now High Street) in 1819.  It was used for 30 years until begin replaced by the second chapel.   New Connextion Methodists later used the chapel until 1948.  It was sold in 1955 for use as a warehouse and was demolished in the 1970s.  A garden centre was built on the site and traded for many years until being sold for property development.
In the picture West Street has not yet been tarmaced which places it before 1909.
Primitive methodists chapel

picture 40 - Primitive Methodist chapel (pre 1910)

In 1849 Primitive Methodists built their second Scotter chapel on, what was then, Gainsborough Road.  It was unusual since it had dwellings on either side of the place of worship.  The chapel continued in use until it's sale in 1966.  Since then it has been a shop.
When the A159 was re-alligned this short stretch of road was re-named Hobb Lane. 
Sanderson's shop

picture 137 from David Capes - Scotter's third chapel after it became Sanderson's shop

The third chapel was used by the Wesleyan Methodists.  Some of the original windows, albeit now bricked up, can still be clearly seen if you stand on the right hand side of it and look upwards toward the side of the roof.

No known picture exists of it prior to it's sale and change of use in the early 20th Century.  The property became a shop for around 100 years until being turned into housing in 2009.


Hobb lane corner

picture 132 - Scotter's remaining Methodist chapel

In 1900 the fourth Scotter chapel was built at the corner of Gainsborough Road (now Hobb Lane) and South Street (now High Street) by Wesleyan Methodists.  For the first few years it didn't have an organ and every week the harmonium from the third chapel on the other side of the road was moved back and forth between the two.

In 1951 the Methodists in Scotter joined congregations and have worshipped here ever since.