High Street / Messingham Road corner

originally known as Long Street - Eau Lane corner

picture 112

photo by 112

The building on the left is Elwood's Smithy which was later demolished when the A159 was re-routed to avoid what is now known as Hobb Lane.



Elwoods smithy

picture 689 from Tony Smith (c1955)

Anyone driving along the A159 from Scunthorpe to Gainsborough would arrive here in the centre of Scotter village at Elwood's Smithy.  They would have to turn left at this junction into Hight Street then make a sharp right onto Gainsborough Road (now Hobb Lane).
High street corner

picture 693 from Tony King (c1955)

The photograph has been taken from the 'T' junction entry point of High Street (west side).  A person stood in the road here would have had Lidgett's Bakery on their left and Providence House to the right.  The Green is in the middle in the distance.
Since then the first 3 houses in the picture on the left and the first one on the right (Elwood's Smithy) have been demolished.
High street corner

picture 689 from Tony King (c1955)

Taken from the same position as picture 693 but looking down Messingham Road instead of straight on.
All the buildings have been demolished.  Scotter Village Institute is furthest away on the left.  It was built as a memorial after the First World War.