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Florence Annie Bullivant (nee Foster) ; William Fisher Cottingham, Ivy & Edna Skinner ; Christopher Young Wright ('Father Christmas') ; John & Annie Butler

picture 310

picture 310 from Tony King - Florrie Foster (1899-1961)

The house, now demolished, stood on Gainsborough Road.  The faces in the top corners are probably those of her parents George and Elizabeth (nee Moxham) Foster.  Her father became the Superintendent of the Primitive Methodist Sunday School and she was a teacher there.

Florence Annie ('Florrie') Foster was born in Scotter on 17th January 1899 and became the second wife of Harry Bullivant in the early 1940s.  She lived until 1961 by which time she resided at Mill Hill.  Her brother Francis John was killed in World War One and is remembered on the War Memorial.
William fisher cottingham

picture 25 from Jack Middleton - William Cottingham (1853-1936)

William Fisher Cottingham was born at Faldingworth, the son of Edmund (of Faldingworth) and Ann (nee Picksley from Saxby).  His father was a miller who moved with his work to Owmby, Dunholme, Scothern and Market Rasen before settling in Scotter.
William also became a miller; the picture was taken ouside the engine house of Stowp Mill on Scotton Road.  He married Mary Parks (from Lumley, Notts) in 1879 and they brought up their family on South Street.  They had 4 sons and 2 daughters all of whom helped with the business.  Two of the boys, Edmund (1886-1927) and Herbert (1889-1969) served in World War One and are remembered on the War Memorial.
Ivy & edna skinner

picture 343 from Amelia Raddish - Ivy (1894-1970) and Edna Skinner (1897-1925)

Edith Ivy and Clarice Edna Skinner were the two daughters of Thomas (a farmer from Scotter) and Mary Elizabeth (of Lincoln).

Their brother Herbert Clarence served in the Great War and a younger brother named Harold Edwin died in infancy.  The family were Methodists.

Ivy was born on 17th June 1894 and married Harry Cottingham in 1922.  His bIrth was in 1890 at Buslingthorpe and he was the son of a shepherd.  Their only child Donald was born in 1923 in the Glanford Brigg registration disctrict.

Edna's birth was during the summer of 1897.  In 1924 she married George Henry Sergeant of Northorpe but sadly died in October 1925 and is buried in the churchyard.

It is thought the photograph was taken by Grayson Clarke but this might not be the case since he left Scotter in 1910 and Edna appears to be more than 13 years old.


Christopher wright

picture 313 from Tony King - Christopher Young Wright (1974)



Christopher Young Wright (1882-1977) was affectionately known as 'Father Christmas' by the children of the village.

This photograph was taken in a room at Sands Villa on Gainsborough Road.  It was part of an article written about him in the chemist company's  'Boots News'.

In his will he left a field to be used by the villagers.  It is still in use today and known as Scotterthorpe allotments.


John & annie butler

picture 680 from Isobel M. Clark (nee Wakerley)

John Butler (1850-1930) was born at Luddington near Eastoft, the son of a grocer.  Anne Buttrick (1851-1938) was born at Garthorpe.  The couple married in 1879 and set up home in her village where their fIrst 2 children, Annie Jane (1880) and Lizzie Mary, were born.

By 1882 they had moved to Scotter where the rest of the children were born.  They were John (1882), Harold (1883-1953), Herbert (1884-1977), Arthur (1886), Mabel (1887), Fred (1888-1939), Azubah (1890), Maud (1891) and Frank Chambers (1893-1977).

The family business was a drapery and grocers store at Manchester House.  (The premises are still a store today).  At the turn of the 20th Century the family introduced a new variety of potato into the country from the United States.  Since there had been a change of monarch on the throne they called it the 'King Edward'.

Azubah Butler married Harry Marris on New Years Eve in 1915,  Harry Marris and Fred Butler both served in the Great War; more information on them can be found in that section.