The Chantrey's ; The Loughton's ; The Smiths ; Sunday School party (c1934) ; 3 concert party boys (1935) ; Workers at Lidgett's farm ; 1949 outing ; Mrs Barker's childrens party (c1960) ; at the Rectory (c1960)

The chantrey's

Bessy Chantrey and her children (from the back L to R) Thomas, Joseph, Edith, Harry, Robert and Grace; photo from Pamela Peart, granddaughter of Joseph

The CHANTREY family

Bessy Sophia Drayton was born in 1856 at North Kelsey.  Her father moved the family to Ashby and here she met Harry Chantrey of Scotter.

They married in 1882 and set up home in Scotterthorpe and later on Scotter High Street.

Over the next 7 years they had 6 children but sadly Harry died in 1890 before his youngest was born.  For some time he had been tending his ailing mother and they may both have succumbed to pleuro-pneumonic fever in the epidemic which swept the village that year.

Times were hard for Bessy who found work as a charwoman to help support her family.

Before the turn of the century young Edith died and a few years later her eldest son Thomas emigrated to Canada for a better life.

Joseph and Robert served King and Country in the Great War and both are remembered on our War Memorial.  In 1920 Bessy made the biggest decision of her life and, in her mid 50s, went with Robert and Grace to join Thomas in Toronto.

Bessy Chantrey died on 6th March 1942 and is buried in St. Philip's Anglican Churchyard, Etobicoke, Ontario.  Her gravestone reads 'Mother'; next to her lie Robert and Grace whose say 'Brother' and 'Sister' respectively.

In th picture (from the back, left to right and oldest to youngest) the children are:-

Thomas Chantrey (1882-1966)

Born on 4th December 1882 at Scotterthorpe and named after his paternal grandfather.  Emigrated to Canada, became a farmer and lived at Adjala township where he met and married Mary Graham at Coglan on 9th April 1918.  They had 5 children, Dorothy, Edith, Theresa, Helen and Robert John.  In 1939, aged just 7 years, their only son was killed crossing the road after leaving his school bus.  Thomas died on 9th April 1966 aged 83 and is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

Joseph Chantrey (1884-1966)

Born on 18th March 1884 at Scotter.  Became a gardener and moved to South Shields were he met his future wife Ethel Henderson.  They married at St. Peter's Church on 25th October 1909 and their children were Joseph, Edith and Ethel May.  Joined the Army in 1918.  Worked for many years at The Manor and brought his family up at Willowdene on Clay Lane.  A keen churchgoer.  Died on 31st March 1966 aged 82 and is buried next to his wife in Scotter Cemetery.

Edith Chantrey (1885-1898)

Born on 15th September 1885 at Scotter.  Died of tuberculosis on 18th February 1898 aged just 12 years old and buried in the churchyard.  Both of her elder brothers named daughters in her memory.

Harry Chantrey (1887-1956)

Born on 24th June 1887 at Scotter and named after his father.  Married Clara Bee in 1913 and set up home in Gainsborough. Daughter Alice Mary was born the following year (she became a Gainsborough headmistress).   Died on 15th January 1956 aged 68 and buried at Morton Cemetery with his wife and daughter.

Robert Chantrey (1889-1946)

Baptised 2nd June 1889 at St. Peter's Church.  Served during the Great War after which the Government paid his passage to Canada.  Emigrated to Ontario in 1920 with his mother and sister.  Lived with them, became profoundly deaf and eventually worked at the Weston Golf and Country Club.  Killed on 6th September 1946 aged 57 when hit by a train.  Buried at St. Philip's Anglican Churchyard, Etobicoke.

Grace Chantrey (1890-1971)

Born on 22nd September 1890 at Scotter some months after her father died.  Emigrated to Canada in 1920 with her mother and brother.  Remained single until her marriage to Mr. G. Penn when she was 62.  Died on 30th September 1971 aged 81 and buried at St. Philip's Anglican Churchard, Etobicoke.


The LOUGHTON family

The loughton's

picture from Lesley Norris; taken at Red Cottage, West Street (c1908)

Alfred Loughton (1853-1945) was a master bricklayer from Sheffield who married Christina Trickett (1854-1893) of Ecclesfield before moving to Wathe on Dearn where their first child Charles William ('Charlie') was born in 1880.  Annie Elizabeth followed in 1882 at Adwick Siding, Yorkshire before they moved on to Messingham where they had John Thomas (1883-1946).
After a couple of years in Messingham they finally came to Scotter.  In 1885 Mary Christina became the first of their children to be baptised at St. Peter's Church and married John Thomas Maw there in 1910.  Son Alfred Ernest (1888-1947) arrived followed by Caroline (1890-91) and twins Eliza Ann and Uriah Francis (1891-1973)
Christina died in 1893 aged 39 and the following year Alfred married Mary Jane Winsor (1855-1922) of Kirton Lindsey.  They had two children - Alan Winsor Aistrop (1895-1911) and Dora Helena (1896-1948).
Sons John, Alfred and Uriah all served in the Great War and are listed on the War Memorial.
Alfred plied his trade for many years and some of his sons joined him in the business.  His men built the curved brick walls which still stand on either side of the entrance to Scotter Cemetery.
Left to right:
Back row:  John Thomas ('Thomas'), Mary Jane ('Jane'; nee WINSOR), Charles William ('Charlie'), Sarah Elizabeth (nee THOMPSON), John Thomas ('Jack') MAW, unknown friend of Annie Elizabeth, Ann, William Benjamin, Rev. Joseph
Middle row: Edith (nee COTTINGHAM), Annie Elizabeth, ALFRED, Mary Christina ('Tina'), Eliza Ann, Lilian WINSOR
Front row:  Allen Winsor Aistrop ('Alan'), Uriah Francis ('Hugh'), Alfred Ernest, Eliza Ann, Dora Helena
The SMITH family
The smith family

photo taken c1920 from Peter Smith, son of Frederick

 Left to right:
 Back:   George, Walter, Frederick, Harry
 Front:  Bessie, Thomas, Fanny, Frances
Thomas Smith was born in 1858 at Kirton in Lindsey, the son of George (an Inn Keeper) and Hannah.  Fanny Massey was born 5 years later at Cherry Willingham, the daughter of John (a farmer) and Ann.
By 1881 John Massey was employing 4 people at his Twigmoor farm and Fanny was living at home.  Thomas Smith became a gamekeeper and married Fanny in 1890; they set up home at Keepers Lodge, Twigmoor.
Harry was Fanny's child born around 1886 at Cherry Willingham.  At Twigmoor Bessie was born around the end of 1890 and George followed in 1892.
Before Walter arrived on 9th May 1895 the family had moved to live at Scotter where Thomas continued his work as a gamekeeper.  Frances May's birthdate was 6th March 1898 and the youngest child Thomas Frederick ('Fred') was born on 27th June 1900.
Sunday school party

picture 58 from John Fillingham - Sunday School party (c1934)

Photographed in the grounds of the house next door to the New Connexions Methodist chapel on West Street.  Much later the house belonged to the owners of Scotter Garden Centre which stood on the site of the demolished chapel.

Left to right: 
Back:  Mrs. M. Sizer, A. Moxham, Edna Cottingham, Alma Scupholme, Margaret Vickers, Dorothy Scupholme, Mrs. D. Marris 
Front:  M. Smith, Verity Skinner, Kathleen Richardson (seated), J. Eminson, Doreen Arrand


concert party boys

picture 362 from Verna Foster - 3 concert party boys (1935)

Christopher Wright's wife organised a concert party in 1935.  The three boys were photographed on the doorstep of the Primitive Methodist Manse on Gainsborough Road (now Hobb Lane).
Left to right:   Clarence Foster,  Hubert Jacklin,  Roy Butler
picture 1106

picture 1106 - workers at Lidgett's farm

The date, event and names are unknown

Left to right: man 1, woman 2, woman 3, man 4, Madge Lockwood, Jack Rhoades, man 7, Mrs Lockwood 8, Jeff Barnet, Dorothy Watson, man 11
Madge Lockwood married Herbert Lawrence and Dorothy Watson married Sid Marris.
1949 outing

picture CWW32 from Charles Wakerley - unknown outing in 1949

Left to right:  George Hill,  Mrs Hill,  Mrs. S. Dukes,  Mrs King?,  woman 5,  Mrs Oxley,  Selina Nelson,  Nellie Scupholme,  Alice Abey (nee Cook),  woman 10 (hidden),  Miss Chantry
children in front  :  Pam Chantry,  Joan Scupholme


Mrs barker's party

picture JB2 from John Bullivent - Mrs Barker's annual party (c1960)

Every year Mrs Barker held a childrens party.  They can be seen sat on The Green and the Cook's were all brothers and sisters.  Can you identify anyone?
From left to right (jumping about a bit!)
  1 - unknown girl - on the left
  2 - Cook girl - at the back
  3 - unknown girl - in the middle with a white top
  4 - unknown girl - in front next to girl 1
  5 - Ken Cook - next to girl 3
  6 - David or Pete Cook - kneeling next to girl 2
  7 - unknown boy - with legs stretched forward
  8 - Paul Cook - boy in the middle
  9 - Caroline Evans (daughter of the Vicar) - sat behind boy 8
10 - John Bullivent (became a Scotter Parish Councillor) - sat at the front
11 - unknown boy - little chap with girl 12
12 - ? Cook - girl with boy 11
13 - Harry Waters  (son of Ron Waters/Booth a Leeds evacuee) - at front looking left
14 - Richard Cook - in middle behind boy 13
15 - John Wood (son of Les Wood) - at the back with a dark jumper
16 - unknown boy - sat next to boy 14
17 - unknown boy - front extreme right
18 - 'Biz' Cook - middle extreme right
19 - Jimmy Barker (grandson of Mrs Barker) - back extreme right looking away
20 - Mrs Barker
21 - almost hidden behind girl 12
Ladies at the rectory

picture KM3 from Ken Moden - at the Rectory (c1960)

Back row: Mrs William Middleton, Dorothy Scupholme (wife of Herbert), Mrs Elsie Lees (wife of Herb), Mrs Lily Richardson, Mrs Frederick Evans (Vicar's wife) and Mrs Elsie Ranyell (nee Cook; wife of George Frederick)
Seated, Mr Bob Marris, Mrs Olive Strong (wife of Ansell), Miss Harriet Holland, Mrs Elsome, Mrs Sizer and Dorothy Brumby (wife of Colin).
Children: Bridget? Evans (Vicar's daughter) and Elizabeth Guest.