Gainsborough Road

Sands Lane junction, A159 re-allignment

Sands lane junction
picture 22 - looking down Gainsborough Road to Scotter's centre
The ladies are stook outside Wright's smithy at the Sands Lane junction.  The cottage on the right was demolished around 1960 to provide an entrance to Orchard Avenue.


Hobb lane

picture 277 - Gainsborough Road becomes Hobb Lane

The car is parked outside the newsagents on Hobb Lane with Manchester House behind it to the left.

In the 1970s the decision was made to re-allign the A159.  Prior to this drivers would come down Gainsborough Road Hill and continue down Hobb Lane.  They would then have to turn left onto the High Street and then a sharp right at Lidgett's bakery onto Messingham Road.

The three house shown, and the properties behind (see Elwood's Smithy), were demolished to allow Gainsborough Road to continue in a straight line through the village.  The T junction at the bakery became the crossroads we know today.

(The white house in the centre can be seen in the background of the Sands Lane junction photo above.)