Kirton Road and Messingham Road


Kirton road bridge

picture 1104 - Kirton Road bridge


Kirton road bridge

picture DC4 from David Capes - Kirton Road bridge (pre 1911)

Taken by Grayson Clarke who left Scotter in 1911.  The left foreground shows buildings of Manor Farm and the White Swan is easily identifiable on the right.

It''s difficult to tell which of these two views of the bridge on Kirton Road was taken first.

A159 bridge

picture 656 from Mrs. M. Savage - Messingham Road bridge (1919)

This is a postcard date stamped 24th August 1919.



picture 398 from Verna Foster - construction crew (c1935)

By around 1934 the existing bridge on the main road needed to be replaced.  The collection holds a number of pictures showing the 'new' bridge in various states of construction.

The sign shows the road has been diverted along Riverside and onward via The Green.

A159 bridge construction

picture KM2 from Ken Modem - construction(1934)

The boy sat on the upturned wheelbarrow is John Wescott.

Part of a carrot washing building has been captured by the photographer (extreme right).  For many years it stood on the northern bank of the river.