Scotter Brass Band

Scotter Brass Band was started by Charles ('Charlie') Hill in the early part of the 20th century.  It thrived for many years and competed in National events.  Membership slowly declined until the it was disbanded sometime after the year 2000.


picture 47 from Doreen Sanderson (12th July 1906)


Brass band

picture 400 from Verna Foster - Scotter Brass Band (pre 1911)

Left to right

Back row: T. Smith,  H. Moxham,  Mr. Long?,  unknown,  Mr. Elwood 
2nd row:   Alfred Harsley,  H. Butler,  Herbert Harsley,  George Hill,  Charles Hill 
Front row: Harry Marris(1890-1963),  unknown


Brass band

picture 75 from Clifford Brown - rear of Manchester House (1934)

Back row:  W. Hunsley,  J. Whitelam,  J. Foster,  R. Marris,  Sidney Hudson,  J. Hudson,  Arthur Hudson 
Front row: G. Hill,  F.Hill,  W.Wilkinson,  W. Naylor,  H. Butler,  J.Wescott,  L. Wescott,  G. Walker