Luddington Grange

before and after the storm

Luddington Grange was a thatched property which stood on South Street (now High Street).  As you looked down Church Lane towards St. Peter's it was the first building on the left.  On the other side of the lane was the National School (now the Eau Centre).

In their book 'Scotter - our village', Olive and Kay Edgar write:-

  'The Luddingtons were a prosperous Scotter family, judging by the frequency with which they were mentioned in old records. It is believed that the family home was the old thatched house known as 'The Grange' which stood near the church in Day's stackyard.  Dr. T.B.F. Eminson recalled seeing the name Luddington scatched on one of the window panes, before the house was demolished around 1927.'

A late 19th Century map of the village clearly shows the site.

Luddington grange

photo CWW26 from Charles Wakerley - 1905

Luddigton's grange

photo 347 from Amelia Raddish - early 1900s


Luddington grange

photo CWW27 from Charles Wakerley

Apparently a tree crashed through the building.  The cause and date of the incident are unknown but the property was later demolished as a result.  The wall in the right foreground may form part of the one that is there today.

The site later became Day's stackyard which in time was replaced by a bungalow built for Herbert Hall.