Susworth and Cote Houses

Methodist chapels; Susworth village; Wesleyan Guild (1908)

Cote Houses is a collection of houses and farms located on Susworth Road after the turn off to Laughton forest from the direction of Scotter

Methodist chapel

picture JK1 from Janet Kitchen - Cote Houses chapel (1906)

The picture was taken by Grayson Clarke of the Primitive Methodist Chapel which stood on Susworth Road.  The building was demolished in 1935 and 'the woodwork and pews went to a good home'.  William Keithley Harsley used to deliver candles and paraffin.

Although no pictures have yet been found it is of interest that three more places of worship are remembered to have been in the area.


picture JH1 from Joan Hemsworth

The building on the right is now the Jenny Wren (previously the White Horse).  The chimney in the left background belongs to the mill run by Annie Guilliatt (nee Green) the grandmother of Joan Hemsworth.

It was a storage area for goods transported by river.  For example wheat would be left there before being taken to the post mill at Scotter to be ground into flour.


Wesleyan guild

picture JH2 from Joan Hemsworth - Susworth Wesleyan Guild (4th June 1908)

Does anyone know who any of these people are?
One of them might be a 21 year old Laister Cook who in 1916 lost his life in the Great War serving his King and Country.