aerial view (c1905)


looking west

picture MP9 from Mark Powell - Scotter looking West (c1905)

The picture was taken by Grayson Clarke who must have been stood on St. Peter's Church tower looking West.  He left the village in 1910.
The building in the right foreground might be Sizer's the wheelwright.  Behind it the white cottages stand on the Green and above the right end one is Brumby's tailoring shop (now a Chinese takeaway).
South Street (now High Street) runs from the bottom left corner to the middle right where the Wesleyan Chapel (built in 1900) stands.
In the centre of the photograph, in a lighter colour (not white) than the surrounding buildings, is the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Gainsborough Road (now the Hobb Lane shop).  The white building to it's right is one of those demolished in the 1970s when the A159 was re-alligned.
Sands Lane is the road running westwards in the middle of the left hand edge of the photograph.