Scotton Friendship Club

Following informal gatherings of a small group of people, Scotton Friendship Club officially began with a meeting in Scotton Village Hall in October 1976.  Ever since weekly meetings have been held, usually on a Thursday afternoon at 2-4pm and usually in the Village Hall with only the occasional meeting cancelled because of exceptionally bad weather.

The aim of the club, as its name suggests, was and still is to provide an opportunity for a friendly and informal get together for men and women; there is no age-limit, lower or higher, though most members have usually been older rather than younger.

Over the years the pattern of the meeting - a chat, a game of bingo (with Kit Kats as prizes), followed by tea and biscuits (cake and wine when it is someone's birthday) sometimes a game of dominoes (if there is time) and a raffle (with small prizes provided by members) - has changed very little over the years.  Subs are just £1 per week with '1p box' for small donations of loose change; the bank balance is healthy.

At one time there were thirty or more members and we then enjoyed a Christmas Party and day long coach trips - open to anyone.  Today there are just eight members, two more than a couple of years ago; our preferred form of outing now is an occasional meal out together at the Eau Centre or one of the local pubs.  Usually members contribute towards the cost of the meal with the club paying the balance.  The Christmas meal out is covered by club funds and in recent years, a generous and most welcome donation from the Glanford and Lindsey Lions Club.

There is always a welcome for anyone who cares to join us, just come along on a Thursday afternoon and see for yourself.

Mary Smith, 22 Eastgate, Scotton - 01724 762636