Scotton Aikido Club

Aikido is a martial art, originating in Japan, that is practised worldwide.  

Unlike most other martial arts Aikido does not rely on using kicks and strikes to injure an attacker, rather it teaches to incapacitate an assailant by deflecting their attack and using their power against them.  This can be a fairly difficult concept to understand for those who have no experience of Aikido and thankfully there are thousands of video clips in youtube which will help.

Because Aikido does not rely on power or strength, but rather skill and technique, it is popular among a wide range of people and many people come to it in their 30's amd 40's, with and without practice in other martial arts.

Our club meets in the village hall on Sunday and Friday evenings and practice begins with a warm up and ki development exercises, followed by stretching and ukemi practice (learning to receive technique safely including breakfalling).  We then move on to learning to use Aikido techniques, sometimes against empty hand strikes and sometimes against weapons, and finish with one of a number of exercises to practice responding to multiple attackers.  Members are encouraged to grade and we follow a teaching syllabus which helps to improve learning.

Aikido brings many benefits, not only is it an excellent method of self defence, it builds fitness, physique, self confidence and mental focus.

Our club is small and new members are always welcome, we only run classes for adults but those aged 14 or over can join if they can demonstrate the right attitude to learning.

For further information contact Greg Gough on 07760 423975 or visit Scotton-aikido-club/facebook