The John Woulds Charity

The John Woulds Charity is an old established charity which provides
for poor people resident in the parish of Sibsey.

Poor is a relative term and today is usually taken to represent being
unable to afford some essential item or items.

The John Woulds Charity has assisted people in the past with such
things as heating costs, winter clothing expenses, playgroup fees,
medical equipment and many other things. Anything will be given
consideration by the trustees.

The only criteria are that the applicant must be resident within the
parish of Sibsey (or usually resident in the case of students) and have a genuine need which it is difficult to fund.

Please contact the clerk at the above address if you believe that you
fall within these criteria and would like to apply for some assistance.

A written application with as much relevant information as possible
does help the trustees in making a satisfactory decision.

Registered Charity No. 215339