Annual Parish meetings

The Annual Parish meeting is open to all residents of the village to have their say on what is happening or would like to happen in the village. Also on the evening the Parish Council present the Annual Community Award to someone in the village whom had done a great service in aiding the community.

The next Annual Parish Meeting

Thursday 17th May 2018


1.       Agreement for Chairman of Sibsey Parish Council to chair the 2018 Sibsey Annual Parish Meeting


2.       Notes of the Annual Parish Meeting held Thursday 18th May 2017 to be approved as the minutes


3.       Reports and Presentations to be given by invited guests

a.   Mr Matt Warman MP

b.   Representative from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

c.   Representative from Sibsey Parochial Council

d.   Representative from Sibsey Free School

4.       Report to be given by Local Authority and other bodies

a.   LCC and ELDC Cllr T Ashton

b.   Police

c.   Reports from any other bodies

5.       Village Hall Committee Report

a.   Sibsey Village Hall

b.   Northlands Village Hall

6.       Sibsey Parish Council Chairman’s Report

A report on Sibsey Parish Council activities for the past year

7.       Sibsey Community Award Presentation

This year’s award is to be presented to Mr Graham Ladds

8.       For any members of the Parish to speak, ask questions or make any statements and to consider any matters that may be raised

Refreshments will be served afterwards

Sarah Knowles – Clerk to Sibsey Parish Council                                                                    10th May 2018