South Witham Parish Council

The Parish Council represents the interests of the local Community of South Witham and is made up of 11 Councillors.

Parish Council

Parish Council's Responsibilities

Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month except in August when no meeting is held. At the start of each meeting a 15 minute public forum is held at which residents may raise issues for consideration by the Council at future meetings. 

An Annual Parish Meeting is held usually during April for residents to attend and hear the Chairman's report. This details what has been achieved by the Parish Council during the past year. The Parish Clerk also gives a summary of the spend during the past year and details of the current financial position.

This meeting gives residents the opportunity to raise questions and make suggestions to improve the village for consideration by the Council at future meetings. 


The Parish Council has the authority to raise a precept to finance its expenditure. The Council has the responsibility of ensuring that the finances are in good order and value for money is obtained when purchasing services and goods. For this purpose the Parish Clerk keeps up to date accounts and briefs the Council on the current financial position at each meeting.   

Village Hall

The Parish Council owns the village hall and is responsible for making sure adequate insurance is in place and the various gas / electricity safety checks are undertaken. The Parish Council aims to keep the village hall it in a good state of repair structurally. 

The VHMC currently leases the village hall from the Parish Council for a nominal rent and is responsible for keeping the interior of the village hall in a good state of repair and operate the heating system as per the rental agreement in place. The VHMC is independent of SWPC and is responsible for the hiring out of the hall and all bookings paperwork, safety procedures and licenses required. 


The Parish Council owns and maintains the allotment site on Moor Lane. There are 25 plots, which range in price from £15 to £20 depending on the size of the plot. All allotments are currently rented out, but if you wish to go on the waiting list, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Play Areas

The Parish Council owns and maintains the sizeable recreational field at the rear of the village hall on Water Lane. This area incorporates the skate park, the small children's play park and the basket ball area. All insurance and safety checks are undertaken as required.

SKDC owns and maintains the play area at the rear of Great Close.

SWPC Cemetery

The Parish Council owns and maintains the cemetery site on Moor Lane which opened on the 1st January 2014 (next to the allotments) .The Parish Clerk to responsible for keeping all relevant records in relation to this site -  burial records, burial plan.

There is another cemetery (older) on the North Witham Rd, this is owned and maintained by South Witham Parochial Church Council. 


The Parish Council regularly consults with the South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Police Authority on issues as required. 

Traffic and Highways

The Parish Council has regular contact with LCC Highways, the LRSP and the Police regarding speeding motorists and HGVs with unauthorised access coming through the village.

SWPC has two speed indicator devices within the village, a static one on the High Street and a moveable one that is periodically moved between various locations.

Policing and Crime Prevention

The Parish Council is active in working with the Police in reducing and preventing crime in the villages. A member of the Council attends the Police Panel Meetings to raise matters on behalf of the village and the Police are invited to meetings as required. 

Street lighting / Pot holes

The Parish Council reports faulty streetlights / potholes when advised. Residents may also report such matters direct to SKDC / LCC via their websites, links may be found on SWPC's main menu for this purpose.

Clearing Litter

SWPC employs a litter picker for a few hours each week to keep the village free of litter.This is partially funded by SKDC grant. 

The District Council is responsible for the provision and emptying of public litter bins.

SWPC also undertakes an annual litter pick event usually in the Spring, with residents invited to lend a hand. 


The Council is a statutory consultee in planning but has no decision-making powers.


The parishioners are kept informed by minutes which are displayed on the website, the village notice boards and the Witham Word parish magazine.


Grants may be awarded to local groups subject to agreement by SWPC and available funds. Requests should be sent to the Parish Clerk in writing detailing the grant sought.

War Memorial

The Council has restored the War Memorial and will continue to mantained it for the future.