Parish Councillors

There are twelve Town Councillors for the Parish of Spilsby. Elections were held in May 2015 and Councillors hold the office for a period of four years.

Current Councillors

Cllr Mark Gale (Chairman/Mayor)
Cllr Terry Taylor (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Edwin Hodgson
Cllr Gordon Iremonger
Cllr David Mangion
Cllr Lee Marsh
Cllr Julia Pears
Cllr Keziah Wood
Cllr Andrew Wright

There are currently 3 vacancies which have been notified to ELDC

The current Town Clerk is Mrs Bonny Smith. Educated in Spilsby at the King Edward VI Grammar School and  a local resident . 
Her role is to provide administrative support to the Council and also responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the Cemetery and Allotments.