Parish Councillors

There are twelve Town Councillors for the Parish of Spilsby. Elections were held in May 2015 and Councillors hold the office for a period of four years.

Current Councillors

Cllr Mark Gale (Chairman/Mayor)
Cllr Terry Taylor (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Max Gibson
Cllr Morgan Holland
Cllr Edwin Hodgson
Cllr Gordon Iremonger
Cllr Tom Kemp
Cllr David Mangion
Cllr Lee Marsh
Cllr Julia Pears
Cllr Keziah Wood
Cllr Andrew Wright

The current Town Clerk is Mrs Bonny Smith. Educated in Spilsby at the King Edward VI Grammar School and  a local resident . 
Her role is to provide administrative support to the Council and also responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the Cemetery and Allotments.