Covid 19

For support in Sudbrooke for the vulnerable and isolated during Covid 19 see the attachment top left.

Coronavirus: What you need to do

The latest information from national government in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak:  https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

 Coronavirus: Community help and volunteering

If you are a member of the community that requires support you can request help online at: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/requesthelp or dial 01522 782189 for assistance

 You can also volunteer to help on Lincolnshire County Council's website at: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/volunteer or by calling 01522 782189.

It is a very uncertain time at the minute with this virus making its way around the world. The UK are expecting a peak in cases over the next few weeks/months. The Parish Council shall be following the Government guidance as updated by the National Association of Local Councils. At times, it may be possible that Parish Council Meetings are cancelled at short notice, or Councillors/the Clerk will not be available. Should any of these matters arise, the website page,  and if possible, Noticeboards will be updated. Please try to check on Neighbours, friends, family. A friendly chat could make the difference to someone’s day.  At all times, you should follow Government Guidance to ensure everyone’s safety. Updates can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

Meetings of the Parish Council have been cancelled for an initial four month period.

A message from Peter Heath, Chairman Sudbrooke Parish Council

The country is facing an un paralleled peace time emergency and we all have a part to play if the Corona virus is to be defeated.

As a rural community on the edge of a large city it is easy to concentrate on those near to us to the exclusion of everyone else without realising it. How many of us know our neighbours? Are they elderly, less mobile and could that be the reason that they are not seen out and about?

 The challenge facing us is to protect ourselves and to ensure that those less able are not forgotten.  I would suggest that you might be able to achieve both these by cautious contact with those whom you think may need a bit of help.  A note through the door asking if assistance is required and if so, what.

 It may be that you could do the good deed of picking up a prescription from the doctors or helping to set up an on-line delivery with a local supermarket. The simple act of kindness in recognising your neighbours will go a long way to help alleviate the distress of isolation.


Sudbrooke is a small Lincolnshire village, situated six miles north-east of the city of Lincoln. The old part of the village is centred around the church, and across the road is the newer area of housing that enjoys access to a large area of adjoining woodland.

Sudbrooke is well-known for its large number of spring flowering bulbs which brighten up the village, particularly around the Millennium Stone – a large, floodlit ‘standing stone’ situated at one entrance to the village.

Every December an impressive Christmas tree with lights is sited by the Stone.

The Woodcarving Group was started by a local sculptor. The group meet regularly to produce wood carvings that are sited around the village. The first project was a collection of carved posts that are positioned round the Millennium Stone. The Group has also carved some four-feet high tree stumps into seats which are sited in the Jubilee Garden.  It is hoped that they will continue to be able to carve a Village sign from an old oak which had to be felled in the Sudbrooke Scout Campsite.  New members are welcome to join.

The Village Hall has excellent facilities. There are two children’s play areas, one by the Village Hall, and the other on the Northfield Park site where the pre-school group meets. The Northfield Park site has a seat which was purchased with contributions from friends of a young village student who died in a road accident.

The village has many active groups including the  Pre-School Group, Kickboxing (for the teenagers),  and Sudbrooke Seniors Coffee Mornings. The Gardening Club and Walking Group meet regularly.

Spring and Autumn ‘Litter Picks’ are arranged; the District Council supplies bags, bibs, grabbers and gloves for volunteers. The Parish Council has an excellent working relationship with the WLDC Street Force Team, which follows up the litter picks with a street clean and collection of the rubbish during the following week.

Sudbrooke has an active Parish Council that works with residents and neighbouring parishes to make Sudbrooke a pleasant place to live.