Sudbrooke Parish Council

There is a vacancy on the Parish Council – if you would like to be involved with shaping our village in the future come and join us.

Enquiries to the Clerk, Christine Myers 01522 750531 or or contact the Chairman, Peter Heath on 01522 595061.

Meetings of Sudbrooke Parish Council are held monthly, except during August, and are normally on the first Thursday in each month, in the village hall, Sudbrooke, commencing at 7.30pm.  Residents may attend full council meetings and can speak briefly on village matters at the commencement of the meeting in Parishioners Items.

Clerk to the Council, Mrs Chris Myers is employed on a part-time basis and is contactable on  email or 01522 750531.


Peter Heath (Chairman) - 01522 595061

Bob Waller (Vice Chairman) - 01522 753017

Ian Russell 754984

Paul Rignall - 595736

Rose Dobbs:  01522 753060

Lyn Etheridge:  01522 750905

Andrew Cottam - 01522 750470

Treasurer to the Council – Bridget Solly:  01673 857580

Members with responsibilities :-

Trees – Councillor Ian Russell

Grass cutting – Councillor Bob Waller

Village Hall representative –   Councillor Mrs Lyn Etheridge

Sudbrooke News distribution - Andy Cottam