The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

How Sudbrooke commemorated the Jubilee during June 2012.

Site to be developed

Photo by Bernard Bartram

Site to be developed- Febuary 2012

As our neighbouring village of Scothern was celebrating the event over a four day period with a number of attractions already organised it was felt it would be unfair for us to clash with these attractions and so the Parish Council have decided to do something a little different.

It was decided to re-develop some land at the rear of the Millenium Stone into an area which will contain some specimen shrubs of a type to attract wildlife, some carved seats supplied by our village Woodcarving Group and a stand containing a coloured map of Sudbrooke together with another map showing footpath walks around the village to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen in June 2012.

This will remain as a reminder of the event and provide an area which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Clearance of the untidy vegetation is shown in the photographs of progress.

Feb. 12th 2012. We had an offer to produce the map of the village completely free of charge. For this we thank Lisa Broadbent, who resides in the village.

We also hreceived sponsorship for the shrubs to be planted on site via another resident Adrian Morvinson who runs "Just Audi/VW" a car dealership on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln.

We still had to find money to provide the stand(s) for the map but our application to receive funding for this was accepted by West Lindey District Council who had set aside some funding for this and Olympic Games related events.

Feb. 29th.Preparation of ground

Our contractor Carl Wilkinson. starts work clearing the land of weeds, ivy and other rubbish gathered over many years.

March 1st.

The groundwork is complete and 40 tons of top soil have been added to provide a good foundation for the new shrubs to go in. Trees have been thinned out at the request of residents and the site is already looking much better.

March 17th.

A wet Sunday morning saw Bernard Bartram, Martin Dickie, Peter Heath and Dave Marshall Planting the 30 Shrubs to a plan drawn up by George and Molly Preece. Grass seeding also took place taking advantage of the wet conditions.

The Pelican Trust, who support disadvantaged people, were awarded the contract for producing an oak frame to house the village map  This is sited near to the wooden bench seen in the pictures. 

 April 25th 

The official name of the area resulting from the poll on this website is included with the map stand and was carved by a local member of the Woodcarving Group.

June 2012

The frame is installed complete with finished map. A small group turn up to see retired Chairman Bernard Bartram unveil the official "Jubilee Garden".

The woodcarver's also turned up to display some carved seats that are going to go in the garden area.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this project and it is hoped it will remain for many years for eveyone to enjoy.

The new Village Map has been installed, and the carved seats sited.  The Wood Carving Group continue with more posts for siting .  Watch this space!!

Village map

Village Map


Village map