First Responders




The Sudbrooke group has been offering basic emergency care in Langworth, Scothern, Sudbrooke and Stainton for nearly four years.

The founder members are now ready to pass on this well established group to new volunteers.

New members are now urgently needed to prevent the group closing and to continue its valuable emergency work.

The existence of a local group, with members in each village, enables life saving emergency care to be given before the patient arrives in hospital.

You can make a difference by giving up a few hours a month to help your local community and at the same time gain confidence in emergencies. Learn to save a life.

This may suit you if you are retired, a parent at home during the daytime, shift workers and anyone else with a few hours to spare looking for a new challenge. There is no fixed rota. Each member offers whatever fits in with their family life.

The group is currently financially secure so that would not be a concern for anyone joining.

FREE training and uniform.





Registered Charity no. 1098364


First responders

First Responders

Sudbrooke First Responders Group was established in 2009 to offer emergency care and Basic Life Support in Stainton, Scothern, Langworth and Sudbrooke. A Responder may be called out when you dial 999 in an emergency. This means life saving treatment can begin before a paramedic arrives.

We currently have eight qualified Responders and we are always seeking new members to train as Responders. You can apply if you are aged 18 or over and able to drive. There is no fixed commitment. The on call system is very flexible and you will be welcome if you have just a few hours a month to help your community. Full training and support is provided.

We are very grateful to iGas who have recently donated £6000 from their Communities Fund. This has been used to buy more sets of kit and training kit. This means more Responders can be on call and will save time transporting the kit. The extra training kit is also used for demonstrations when the group attends fetes and gives talks to groups.

Thanks also go to local businesses which hold our collecting tins. These are an essential part of the fund raising which keeps the group going and helps to pay for training and equipment. Donations from local community groups are also most welcome. We are grateful to The Bottle and Glass and Lakeside for the use of a room for our meetings.

The group can also provide First Aid cover for events in the community. If you need First Aid cover for your event please contact the Co-ordinator.