Sudbrooke Neighbourhood Plan

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Photograph of sudbrooke

Sudbrooke Parish Council has been formally requested to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. The Sudbrooke Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group needs your help in its preparation and the attached questionnaire seeks your views on what should be included within it and on any related items that are important to you. This Plan will be a key reference for village development over the next 20 years so it has some importance for the future of the village.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document to enable the community to have a greater say in how Sudbrooke may change in the future including locations for new housing, employment, the historic environment, the protection of important areas in the village, policies on infrastructure, tourism, the natural environment, design and local character.

The plan is an important tool and, once adopted by West Lindsey District Council, it will gain ‘full weight’ when determining future planning applications for the area. Once views have been obtained and public consultation completed, there will be a referendum on the issues and proposals raised. The aim is for this to take place within the next 12-15 months.


Two events, hosted by Sudbrooke Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are being held in the Village Hall on the following dates:-

TUESDAY 9TH OCTOBER 14.00 - 17.00

THURSDAY 11TH OCTOBER 18.00 - 20.00