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Central Heating Oil Purchasing Scheme is a simple organisation designed to save us all some money on our central heating oil. I collect orders about 6 times a year. On my buying day, I get the best price possible and advise everyone where the oil is coming from and the current price. The saving comes from the bulk delivery into the village which normally means at least one full tanker load and 25+ deliveries.

Payment depends on the supplier, but the worst scenario is that they phone for a debit card prior to delivery (they all charge a premium for Credit Cards). I do not handle any payment and have no vested interest in any oil company.

If you run out of oil between deliveries, you can make your own arrangements and I am not in the least bit offended. The whole enterprise is 100% above board and I make or gain nothing from running CHOPS (apart from a few headaches usually related to deliveries!)

If you want to 'join' just let me have name, address and post code as well as your phone number and I will add you to my list.

Since the scheme started (9½ years ago), I have purchased 1.3million litres (to end of 2017) at a total cost of £559k.

Please note the minimum oil delivery is 500 litres (as designated by the oil suppliers). You will find forward delivery dates and other information in the Linkup.

David                                       868663